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Thursday, August 27, 2009

ps... february pics of leafar

26 August 2009, Wednesday. The week started with a suicidal thought. I have an obsessive compulsive boss, she nags, talks and talks ... and she started the week by saying that the reason my work is so late is because I have too many papers on my table. That was the start .... duhhh.. I honestly thought of slashing my wrist in front of her and leaving a suicide note, pinpointing her to having pushed me. Oh well! Now, what are my choices? Sex.. actually, I had one last saturday with Biggie, sunday with DocM, monday with Pedro, yesterday was a dinner date - nada! That sort of help, and today, it was really slash or sex, i chose to escape on the guise of an errand and met with Victor again. Well.. so now, am all alone in the office, sexually satiated and feeling good about myself.

I guess my sexual life is just to compensate the stress of my professional life. Oh well, anyway, let them think I am working overtime while I upload pics of Leafar - it has been a while since that cock visited me. The last time, he brought a very handsome 20 something guy, very hairy... I can fall for that face. Oh well, enjoy the upload of the week!


  1. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, post them, SOS

    02.03.09 the threesome with cogie and carl36
    Post the trio pics - marwin, atreyu and jitsu.. for the post sin verguenza

  2. I will... i hope to do so this september.. i would be on the road, and the chances of sex and pic is nill.. i will just update my blog with those pics.. but for now.. or today rather, enjoy the pics of the guard...