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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sex in the shower ....

Remembering it, sucking Pedro in the shower until he came brings a smile to my lips. Ever nice and hard, we paused in the shower door and I took some pics, sort of a new angle for me. He suggested the idea, and it was relaxing to have the water flow on my back as my head was bobbing up and down, licking his dick head, savoring his balls with my toungue ... and he came into my mouth...


  1. Hi Bert
    Much better pic and clear. how are you doing? i always read your blog and hope you have more pic. and story? done work so hard take a easy man...

    from Taiwan

  2. Upload pics of leafar, the curve cock where in was invited to an orgy, 15 feb 2009
    02.03.09 the threesome with cogie and carl36
    Post the trio pics - marwin, atreyu and jitsu.. for the post sin verguenza

    Please post them.... here are 10 men who really need new material