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Thursday, August 6, 2009

World end at hand!?!

05 August 2009. I found myself engaged again by the end of the week! I know that somehow if there is something good, there would be some payment. Oh well, my female best friend was severely distressed and depressed, she asked me to marry her, and I said Yes!.. ehr... ok.. sure.. but after the one year mourning period. (ika nga, pagkatapos na lang ng babang luksa. eto problema ng high sa sex, oo na lang ng oo. or malapit na sigurong magunaw ang mundo. Ako? Pakasal sa babae?)

Then, yesterday, twas a tuesday feeling so stressed out from my superiors, who were shouting at each other - I left at 430 pm, so I can have a quickie in my room with Pedro Banana. I told you, I am crazy for his curved cock, its literally like taking a big fat banana in one´s throat.

We wanted to take a light shower together to freshen up .. NO WATER!!! Its a good thing, he shaves himself so even without a quick clean up, he smells good, and taste good, actually he taste and feels a lot better. Without the shower, our adrenaline from the flight of stairs (that is actually around 6 levels!), I just started taking him in, enjoying again every inch of his manhood. I would be gagging, i was on fours, and he egged me to take my clothes off. Starving of sex, I simply went on him without being fully naked. I took my bottom and we did a 69, but this time he was underneath. My legs would like to buckle from the pleasure of sucking him, and my dick inside his mouth.

I guess, the world is coming to an end... for without words, he went on all fours, and I sucked his ass. I took a condom and placed it on my dick, and slowly put it in his ass. No objection, he let me, and it felt good. He lie on his belly and I was fucking him, he was bottoming for me! I paused, and then I took a shot of me on top of him, and then another shot of his lovely ass. His ass was all mine.


  1. Hi Bert
    Hows going on? Hope very day is wonderful. i alway read your blog lately i found out some the new photo come is not clear comepare the old photo.My be thats you want to post? Anyway have a great day and blessing.

  2. My apologies for that. I am quite busy that I take whatever sex I can have - even if my camera is not around. In this case, I use my blackberry camera so it is not as clear as the Kodak (previous camera but broken, accidentally dropped) or the panasonic lumix i use right now.

    Anyway, I try to have a camera in my bedroom so I would not miss an opportunity.

    Thank you so much for being a loyal reader