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Monday, August 3, 2009

Sucking the Security Guard on a Saturday

03 Aug 2009. Its another blue monday ... expected, but what kept me smiling is the thought of my last saturday. I finally finished reading the second and last part of King breaker, king maker by Karen Miller. Carlos36 slept over that night, no sex, but he cleaned up my place. Somehow, life here in Caracas is surprisingly so familiar, similar back home. I was living with someone, like a husband, and yet - no sex, it was more of companionship. I have an air conditioner that the exhaust extends to the bathroom, same as in Manila! Likewise, the sex then is with other people.

Finishing the book, and Carlos having left for his work, was the time my married with children Pedro dropped by. Sad to say, I already jacked off before I knew he would be able to dropped by. Anyway, I ravaged and enjoyed sucking his cock. I was like a glutton, and he just let me. Then, we changed positions and we did a 69, as in my head was bursting from the sensation. I guess it was also too much for him, for he then knelt on his knees and I continued sucking him till he came - on the last second, he took out his cock and sprayed me with his cum. I can only smile. It felt wonderful!

I cleaned up, coooked my lunch, and then rested. With a smile, I left for work. One should always smile and be cordial, be the proverbial Ms. Congeniality!

hola! hola! Buenas dias! (as in hello, hello, good day!)

Venezolanos are like that, they would greet you, very friendly. So I learned to do so. And on this Parque Felipe building, I also greeting this 40s lean, dark guy. He replied his hellos, BUT he said something more! Duhh... was I wrong in my hearing? I stopped and retreated, true enough, he was really being friendly and all. He told me that he is working until morning of sunday. Oh hummm.. oh ok. Thank you. I said I would see him then later....

to be continued


  1. please post some pics of the SG.

  2. Hi,

    Leaving the hot and sizzling topic aside, you may enjoy Karen Miller's other duology Witch and Warrior. By the way, there's an upcoming book that sort of follows the Kingbreaker, Kingmaker series.


  3. Hmm... i dont know about this witch and warrior. Thank you storm, i will check. I have a trilogy I bought, but keeping it aside since I left the second volume in the Philippines.

    Thanks... talking about fantasy, have you read the last herald mage of mercedes lackey? its the only fantasy, and a trilogy at that, that has a gay hero.

  4. My sincere apologies for the late reply. I've been swamped with work. Anyhow, Yes, I've read her Valdemar stuff. Quite interesting world, really.

    Karen Miller's follow-up to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker, I think will come out by later this year.

    She has another trilogy called Godspeaker - very interesting and good read also.

    Kudos to your sexcapades (I envy you - hahaha).