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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Spontaneous Sixsome

Gloomy, rainy tuesday ... and yet as someone had commented it brings the lust in people! Now, its just a bit past 4 am in the morning and I am uploading pics of the last two standing .. yes, I had an unscheduled orgy of six! Of the six, I could not remember Tony off hand and first time to meet Noriko. Actually, the day started a bit before lunch when I got awakened by Gian's call - he is here in Pasay and wants to drop by.. duhh! I slept almost 7 am since i had to watch the 5 - 6am showing of Inoyasha and here he is waking my precious sleep. I placed my phone on silent and went back to sleep till after lunch. In the afternoon, it was Tony that I agreed to meet and have sex with, first set at 7 then moved to 9 pm. I went to Cartimar for cat food, and it was there that Yummy Elmar texted and met me... oh wow! Now that would be a threesome! XXXXX also agreed to join.. thus makes it a foursome! Around 815 pm, I decided to call on Noriko, I have doubts of being able to service all three tops, this I am willing to share .. making it a fivesome! And at around 910, Vinvin just asked if he can visit - told him sure, and that I already have some guys in my room. That makes the sex.. a sixsome! ( To those who messages me at PR or my text mates, obviously the orgy is unplanned)

Ok.. ok.. if it was an orgy of six.. how come there was only a couple? I did not risk breaking the mood nor was i sure about Tony and Noriko so I kept the camera away until they have cum and left. The last three standing was me, Vinvin, and XXXX.  Both of them went for a second cumming and this time, I took pics and shared it here!

how was the orgy? i would be definitely sleeping with a smile.. would update this blog for more detailed blow by blow.. as in blow job by blow job account to three pairs of fucking.. three different various positions.. and the last fuck position - a fuck train.. vinvin was fucking me on the bed corner and XXXXX entered him on behind... I was lost in the motion, the ecstasy of it all.. XXXX just told me that the other three had stopped and were simply watching us... oh well... AM BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

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