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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Serendipity (1 of 3)

Xxxxx and Jhay have met a long time ago in a group sex. But nothing came much between them.
Jhay then used to visit almost regularly on weekends and Xxxxx started to refer to him as "loverboy". Do not get me wrong - still single and not lucky. The sex with Jhay is good and he smells good always even down there.

If Jhay would chance on group sex, he would join, cum, and leave. On those times we ended just us, we would have a pillow talk. That is when he would ask about Xxxxx, some details like if he had come back or visits, where does he live, what he is into. Xxxx is however would not take my word for it, he is one who would believe what he hears and sees on his own.  Xxxxxx would not like to think that some people would be so enamoured.

I did try to set up the two again, so Xxxxx can see and feel for himself and I felt that Jhay would be more than happy to see him. But I was never lucky... never did succeeded.

Now, Xxxxx had been complaining of "kinks" or "lamig" on his back. Jonas is back and it was deemed a good alternative to have pics and video of him doing a massage on Xxxxx. As of write up, he did get calls and invites - which he refers to "false alarm" since the questions are of one looking for a partner or lover, he is willing to work as a masseur and more for the time being till September - he emphasized he is not looking for a sponsor or be someone's boyfriend.

Thus, it was set up .. a pictorial of Jonas massaging Xxxxx.  And while it was already set up, waiting for the time - I got a text message from Jhay if anything was happening. Ohhh!! Another opportunity, Xxxxx would be there... hmmm.. I said nothing really, he is welcome to join since I would be having two friends!

This is what Serendipity.. it is defined as "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise". Knowing Jonas and Xxxxx I have serious doubts as to their chemistry - another element would be needed. Jhay is that special element! Jhay arrived after the massage pictorial with Xxxxx and Jonas simply watching porn, and they lie at both ends of the bed.

I have no qualms or reservations about Jhay .. he is one of the few that I deem to be most welcome to my pad. True enough, he lie in the middle and took his clothes voluntarily, he got naked on his own.. well, with a little help from me.

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