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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pulot sa kalye....

My Mom left for Liliw, Laguna. I was on my own so I went out to buy food for myself, on my way home, I came across this guy - red sando, green basketball shorts.. we had an eye to eye contact.. He crossed the street. I looked back. He was looking back. I do not normally encourage street eye to eye - so many money boys on the street and at that hour. BUT my spider sense was not alarming me, it was my gaydar saying that there is a chance.

I walk back, sort of .. yeah.. to follow if ever this would be that, a chase game... but he crossed back the street! He was meeting me halfway! But as not to be in the main road.. we walked inside the side..yesh.. near that green pole!

Ano ba trip mo?

I smiled.. hmmm.. feeling cocky since it was almost midnight anyway, not so many other passersby, i grabeed his crotch - wow! it was getting hard, and it was long, i want that in my mouth.

"Ikaw, isubo kita. Gusto mo.  " I was hopeful and yet guarded that he might be doing it for the money.
"Sa Natividad."
"Mag isa ka lang ba?"
"Oo, ako lang"
"Di ba malayo?"
" Malapit lang"

Then he jerked and moved back, moved away.. I turned, shit! There are some people coming.. no wonder.

It has been a while since i did this on the streets.

I nodded my head and walked ahead. He followed... Oh yes!

We made it to the pad.. and the usual routine.. turn on the aircon, play a male porn, turn off the lights.

Lie beside him, gently.. we do not want to scare this mid 20s slim, smooth built guy..

The hand has done its part, no question on the hardness - time to use my mouth on that dick. My mouth swirled and engulf his manhood. YESsssssssssssssss! Finally my mouth on that cock.. then I felt his hands on my head, pushing me deeper, to take him all.. my mouth touching his balls.. good thing i have good gag reflex.. can last longer now...

He was moaning... and I knew it.. he did not last.. came into my mouth! I taste the cum on my tongue...

I like him... I like his lithe body.. I still could not let go.. on my own, I started massaging him, relaxing his muscles, his body...

"makakatulog ako niyan"
"may maghahanap ba sa iyo? may pasok ka ba bukas?"
"wala naman, wala akong pasok, end contract na ako. pahinga muna"
"so relax... enjoy the massage"

That is how I got him to stay longer and fall asleep.... i had his cock in my hand, my mouth, my ass would not be deprive of such a pleasure. I am willing to wait till morning, when he would be fresh and hard.. he was worth the wait.

"shit! pinatitigas mo naman ako niyan"
Well, its 5 am... he had slept for hours and my light caress started when his cock got hard on its own.. i was just increasing the experience. I smiled..  " ok lang"
"patayin mo ilaw, i play mo iyong kagabi"
I silently obeyed my master.. yes .. my hand had done the initial job. With the lights off, it will be my mouth and then my ass .

Oral sex it is .. harder, his manhood felt longer and excited my senses. TAKE NOTE : patience is key, discipline .. have to wait for him to make a move to make it into anal sex.

"may condom ka?"

I stood up and take a condom automatically.. rip the wrapper and placed it on his cock, then lubed it up. And I slowly sat on his cock... moved and rocked on it.. then he motioned and we did it dog style.. I was moaning and shouting on the pillow. It was a bit painful, he is longer than the average cock.. and yet it felt good, I relished the pain and pleasure! The fuck was worth the wait!

and he came.. a second time...


  1. i was giddy and remember him as arnold... in the morning, he ask if i can give him something for breakfast.. well, i cannot fault him that.. after the long fuck, he deserves nourishment but i do not have any money left... just php4! I apologized and gave my number. i said i owe him and should contact me by wednesday.. he did BUT his name is actually Ronald.. oooops.. ONE TIP / RULE: always ask and remember their names, so as least if one could be cursing and moaning, one knows the given name. be it an alias or something... its now saturday, 26 july.. i do plan to treat him to a jollibee meal.. and perhaps another fuck... yeah, its worth a 2 pc chickenjoy!

    1. Likewise, for security reasons : I did not take my camera and took any pics... well, I did pick him just off the streets... although there was no agreement.. its hard to tell nowadays which is why i prefer blog readers and pr cruising