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Sunday, July 27, 2014


I have not seen Jonas for more than 2 years. The last I heard from him is that he moved out of the city back to the province to start over ... and now, as I open the gate for my Mother - I saw him at the far side of the store, seating, looking at me, melancholy ... I ushered my Mom inside her house and left to see him. He was still outside waiting - and he said it had been his 10th visit to catch me at my place. Funny, he finally caught me at this rainy, cold bed weather condition.

He came from a birthday party of someone in their church and had a drink or too. Typhoon Glenda have washed out his home and affected the production of Buko juice in the factory he works in. His life was simple in the province as a factory worker. His job was to open the buko so the juice would be processed and exported abroad and the coco meat is crushed. Unfortunately, he had to move on .. he got work as a caregiver to 2 bedridden elderly in Marikina by September 1. He does need help in the mean time to make ends meet till his job ... well, I listened and taught on how I can be of help after all I had known him for years.

Massage? I asked him if he still knows how to massage and he said yes. Sample? YES! Oh yes, it was a good 40 minute massage and very hard. There was no need for him to go to the gym, opening all of those buko gave him a hard body and a leaner stomach from when he was living here. It was good and it made my hand crawled to his crotch. Caressing his cock made it hard .. well the pics speak for themselves... one can easily imagine, it was my hand.. then my mouth... and yes my ass!

 Jonas is not handsome nor would I say he is ugly, average. His body is simply likewise typical of a laborer, hard not from gym exercises. I cannot claim he would be better in terms of face, body, or performance BUT he is different : TITING BALIKONG!  His cock was very hard and angled thus when he inserted himself inside me, it was a different feeling. I allowed myself to feel the pain and relish the pleasure ... between a bigger straight cock and this Titing Balikong? I would always choose an angled cock anytime!

 People would first look at the face and the body, let's face it, we do discriminate or judge base on the physical aspect. Performance wise, he fucked my ass well, and being shorter then me, he was able to suck and nibble my nipples while being inside me! I thought of recording my moans of pleasure, it had been a while since I experience such pain and pleasure.  I cannot guarantee his performance it may well vary with a partner.. his selling point is his manhood, that piece of meat that is somewhat angled, balikong, its a curved cock!! The mouth can adjust would not feel much the difference between a curved or straight.. but the ass was more sensitive as it felt every inch of the curveness.. the angle!!

Hard sell ba? Ha ha ha ? At one point , i almost blurted out " I love you" while he was ramming his manhood in and out. Good thing, I had more discipline than that and bit my tongue. We stop, took a bathroom break - and for those other bottoms / versa,  a good top leave a different after feeling, unease, discomfort on the throne but it was worth the fuck.  I had another go which I concluded its the curved cock of his that made it so addictive! Well, he is in financial need and do knows how to show his gratitude for help, and he can be reached on his mobile  0998  305 1509 .. experience such a curved cock.. ika nga, lasapin ang titing balikong! :)

 (ps... hey, how often did you see my ass frosted with cum? .. he was simply special.. and it does make it look dirtier... like the porn film we watch.. happy weekend everyone! )


  1. To that texter asking for some info ... sorry po... medyo hilo ata, nag pa load to reply, nadelete ang message.. hahahaha.. so please, text na lang again...

  2. Bert mark to fr makati I went to ur place already but Ilost ur number again kindly txt me tnx