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Thursday, July 24, 2014

"NO, thank you"

I am still feeling inspired from the sex of last night, sad to say, I did not take any pictures - would not risk my camera. But I did relish sucking much the cocks of Tony and Vinvin and then getting fucked by it!. Now, one of the moments of last night is the polite reply of Vinvin to Noriko "No, thank you" for some sex in an orgy.

OUCH! Well, XXXXX also admitted that he does not like the guy so he sort of distanced himself and focused on Vinvin. Its a group sex but a participant is not obliged to have sex with everyone, particularly if you do not like the person. THIS is my reason to be a bit choosy of the participants I invite - and yet so many just see group sex pics and want to be invited .... how would you feel if you get invited and no one wants to do it with you? What if the sex was not as you expected it because its the wrong crowd? This is why I try to meet people first and keep the risk to only a new unknown person - i gauge the person on his txt messages. People who text and say that I invite them when there is a group sex - I tend to forget them.

Last night, i was still on text mode with Vinvin and I already sensed that Noriko was weary of pictures. He asked if i was taking pictures with my mobile phone.. duhhhh. It is for this reason that it would be most likely Noriko's first and last invite to my place. Yeah, he did enjoy his first time and told me to invite him for the next group sex... ooops... yeah right... what, spend on costly electricity, condoms, lubricants and increased laundry for nothing? I nicely texted him ok, but no guarantees ...

Me : I can say No because I have Machete and other "boyfriends" / "gadgets" to fill my ass. Others might be gross out of using the wooden ash tray.. but well, I took the challenge of XXXXX! First week of July, we had a drinking spree that ended in a threeway - there was XXXXX, Duarte, and me. Duarte asked for that from XXXXX who kept his word and brought it to my pad.. but Duarte had not picked it up and XXXXX challenged me if I can take it up my ass .. so I did.. and took pics.

I was not able to take everything... but surprisingly - it was carved good for sitting and with me on my back! Well, after the pictorial.. I think it would be my last time with Machete. I am more comfortable with my other toys....

Yeah... generally speaking, a live cock is preferable to a battery operated or a dildo but they offer less complications and assures a good time.. somehow...  and yes, best to place condoms on toys..

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