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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I was suppose to meet him but then Glenda swoop down and I had to cancel and get a rain check. Cancelled. Next time. It would seem that setting up a date is not so easy. Actually I have around 3 eyeballs that evening, set them all up for 9 pm in my pad, all from PR. I had forced myself to work out in the gym for an hour and thus was taking my lunch around 6 pm (my body clock has a different time zone. ) I eat alone but I do not feel alone since I take that time to text people. Have not heard from the third person, second already cancelled due to an overtime and.. Yuri wants to meet earlier since his friends were not available.

 I replied that I cannot since I am not at home, still at Glorietta in the food court.
Yuri replied  " am also in Glorietta!"
So I replied where I was, eating on the bench facing Glorietta 5 and Intercontinental. I gave my description but he no longer answered back. Duhhhh.. I felt i was eye balled, one way and such I texted to Xxxxx.
Then someone poked me at the back! I was so surprised I dropped my spoon and fork.
Damn the networks, he was behind me before the texts arrive. He was young, average looking, with hair underneath the cap.  He is not pretty bad.... yes, Xxxxxx would like him. So I txted Xxxxx to be in my pad by 930pm. Yuri and I walked from Glorietta halfway to my pad. We took a jeep at Evangelista to Libertad.
It was a time well spent as I got to know Yuri. Although I have not bedded him, him gay instincts say that there would be no problem in terms of a three way.

I took a shower and they were good... Xxxxx raised a finger. He wants to be quiet?

"No.. naka isa na siya!"

Level up - Yuri was hesitant since he was not ready to be middle guy in a threesome. He felt uneasy to receive the manhood of Xxxxx,well, during the walk he did say that he usually have  an enema a day before any intended intimate anal encounter. I told him to relax and just go with the flow, to just enjoy the feeling, if it would be messy, then so be it ... but in the in the mean time, it is no use to worry about things that might happen. Xxxxx can be rough and can be smooth - messy accidents happen on how sex was done and at times on the lenght or size of the cock.

fun .. fun .. fun ... Yuri and I spooned .. I cuddled as his cock smoothly inserted itself.. and then Xxxxx added himself on the equation fucking his ass. It was a sideway fuck!  I could not take a picture of that, I was busy moaning and enjoying his cock. And then since I am good at selfies, when we moved for another position.. Yuri was on top, impaled on the cock, - I took to sucking his cock while his ass was filled full, and thus the selfie!

Yuri came for the second time .. and this time i took pics of his cum ... I guess it would be unforgettable for him..

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