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Monday, July 28, 2014

July First ... a WALKOUT!

hmmmm.... the last time Vinvin was here, it became a four some and the other two became lovers. Vinvin was versa for that episode. Thus, this time... i decided to include Yyyyy as the third party afterall, he has the longest cock available.

I thought everything would go as well, afterall, they suck each other, had fun.. and I was fun taking pictures. Vinvin took a little cozing before opening himself to the manhood. I sucked him well enough, likewise holding him for the onslaught... and yes! I saw him take all of the inches, all of it! Yyyyy was able to fuck him fully and totally, then everythign was quiet... and wait, wait.. "it hurts", i cannot take it"

Vinvin excused himself from the longest cock, dressed up... said his apologies, then left ...

Now that is a a first.

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