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Saturday, May 17, 2014

He Came Thrice ( part 2 of 2 )

Carlo Worker came for the second time as Xxxxx continued pounding his ass.

But Xxxxx has not climaxed, Carlo was given a breather, toilet break .. and as the pictures show.. Carlo was fucked again.. and this time sideways.

From sideways, Carlo was motioned to sit on Xxxxx cock. I provided a good hug and even suck on Carlo's cock. I thought about sitting on that but then Carlo rotated - from facing away Xxxxx, he sat on his cock facing him.

And that is how Carl came for the third time.. sitting on Xxxxx cock, rocking up and down, forward and backward, and shooting his cum on the body of Xxxxxx. Good thing for selfie - got selfie of me cusking that cock before it came for the last time...

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