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Monday, May 5, 2014

Kaya? KAYA!!!

Its now 3 am, early morning and I am still up and alert. I have accepted having a different time zone than the others, I would fall asleep just as when majority or normal people would be waking up for a brand new day. I would wake up around lunch or after lunch and have my first meal, thus a breakfast when others had finished their lunch or still taking lunch. Thus, yesterday or earlier this sunday afternoon, i was still holding my mug of coffee when Carl Burger called me up. He saw my sex pics and was wondering about them, he got so excited that he simply message me at PR, and I obliged with my number - he called me up!

After the call, we ended up texting for the rest of the day and decided to have a threesome by 9 pm with XXXXX. Carl did not specify his preferred role and that he simply wanted to experience group sex, even for a simplistic threesome. He was shy and unsure, and he texted that he is up but not sure if he can take XXXXX - oh, so he likes him just unsure if he can take that big, hard cock .... I assured him, he can, he will, that with our toys, he would be able to do so.

Carl arrived first and he is of the right body type - XXXXX simply prefers lean to muscular, he is not really for the stocky or chubby type, since it would not be easy for him to fuck them standing up. Carl said it had been four (4) years since he experienced a cock in his ass - he wanted to experiment thus he was manly enough to take the prostate massager, condomed and lubricated!


  1. Ok may dugo sa condom ni kuya goodluck

  2. May dugo yung condom..yuck...goodluck...