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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Warren ...0918 76 088 21 (updated number as of 17 July 2014)

It has been a while since I recommended  or supported a masseur, a massage is a relaxing activity for me when my finances allow me to indulge.  When I saw Warren at the door, there was this sense of familiarity and oddly enough he had massaged me before and given him an advise on his personal life : his relationships. He was younger then, only 18 and decided to go back to the province to be with his true love : it turns out, he ended being a father of two, with two different mothers! Thus, he was forced to come back to they city and seek wokr as a masseur, hence.. presence on my door step!

I am slightly heavier, stocky or what others would deem a chub thus I have a certain bias  towards slim, athletic looking men like him. Nothing much happened on the massage but as he said it," pasensya na po, taong gipit kayang gawin ang anuman, lalo na para sa mga anak niya". (translation : my apologies but a desperate person would do anything for his children)

His massage is average, nothing spectacular really and when I turned : I was more sensitive to his palm - i find it rough, a worker's hand. He apologized for his hands, but he was laborer, a farmer back in their province hence the roughness, the callousness. It did not turn me off, rather turned me on a little bit - here is a true, blue laborer, an old fashioned man... nag ko copra siya sa probinsya nila, no wonder he has that lithe body born of hard work and not of working out!

Well, if you would like to help and try out someone different... try Warren, text him at 0918 7608821

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  1. Sa mga naghahanap po kay Warren, ito na po ang bago niyang number 09187608821. Itext niyo po para maupdate yung contacts niya.