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Thursday, May 15, 2014

He came thrice ... (part 1 of 2)

Xxxxx introduced a new friend, another Carl! Somehow it seems Carl is the new national name for anonymity, it used to be Mark or Mike. Oh well - at least I did not carry the risk of success or failure. There is always the risk of a bad chemistry, of bad sex which can be minimized by getting to know the person and matching it with the appropriate partners. Sometimes solitary sex works best as there is no complication of personalities - i have my "toys" with me with their appropriate names and qualities.. prostate massager for the newbie or virgin, then tisoy a white big headed dildo, egoy which is a foot double deaded dildo.. and the new one, azul - a blue silicon vibrator.

Carl Worker was quiet, unassuming, seems quite critical. I was on the kitchen sink when they both arrive. I ushered them into the room, took the lights out and played a porn and then left them to take a shower.

I left them and I thought I would enjoy a long shower but  I was called upon... I thought there was a time constraint on Carl. I came in and found Xxxxx on top of Carl who was quiet. Xxxxx was licking the left nipple and so I placed my tounge on the right nipple - that broke his silence, he started moaning.

Xxxxx used Tisoy on him... but I had not taken a picture yet.. second time it was used, I got a good shot of Tisoy sticking out of his ass. Carl's dick got harder and I was given the cue - for me to sit on that hard fat cock while he himself was being fuck by a white dildo!

As I sat on Xxxxx cock, he slowly became noisy - grunting and moaning, he was sort of getting delirious with all the sensations, but he did not motion us to stop. I continued sitting and grinding on his cock as it slide inside my ass, as Xxxxx fuck him in the ass with Tisoy. It was at this postion that he came inside me... goodness gracious with a safe fuck.. i simply enjoyed the pleasure of it all.

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