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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Afternoon THUNDER!!! (part 1 of 2)

Life is so uncertain, it is full of surprises. Thus on a hot wednesday afternoon I did finally meet Thunder and XXXXX came back in to my pad. Actually, XXXXX would had been back earlier last weekend for an orgy if not for my aging body, had to attend to my mother and be with her in a scrapbook class - rendering me too tired for the rest of the weekend.

Thunder stands around 5-9, 132 lbs and 23 years of age. He was definitely game and projects himself to be a power bottom.  I dared him if he can XXXXX and my toys - and this time being the sex aide here, I used the prostate massager inside in his ass to prepare him up for the real cock. Then for the first time, I had the prostate massager with a live cock - XXXXX was surprised about the feeling, there was vibration on his cock that he need not move and just simply relish the sensation.

And as seen on the pics, from being on top - Thunder was motioned to the next position - he on his back with XXXXX on his knees.. still with the prostate massager ... and am relishing the view and having my camera.

XXXXX asked for "Tisoy" so I placed a condom in my white dildo and handed it over.  Tisoy has a big head but after taking that in, it has no more surprises ... Thunder at first voiced "No", he thought he would not be able to handle it, take it.. but XXXXX has more experienced and we both knew, its time for Thunder to level up!

Thunder was moaning something.. yup.. there was only Thunder on top of him BUT now with a dildo.. his bottom experience was definitely levelling up... it was a double fuck.. a live cock and a dildo.. here ends the first part.. after taking it in.. a short break in the comfort room ...

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