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Monday, April 7, 2014

Accidental Group Fun

Its Sunday, family day.  I woke up early aroun 11am <- this is early since I usually wake up around lunch time or after lunch. I am unemployed, or what would be termed as "pensioned" or "pensyonado". I survive by the mercy of my mother's passive income and my savings. My nuclear family is just me, my mother, and my brother's family (him, his wife, and two sons).  Today, we were set to go to a triple birthday, my Aunt and her two grandchildren or my nephew by my cousin. 

From Canlubang to Nuvali, it would seem a normal family day. It was in Nuvali that I texted back Surfer Mark, nothing planned as I still have no idea the time I would be home. Around 8 pm, I got a text from Jhayel and Carlo Power , we were also on our way home that i set the time at 10pm.  Jhayel was more or less on time, I simply thought of just sucking him, licking him up while waiting but then, it had gotten hot and horny. i ended up sitting on his cock and other positions, he fucked me on my back, and him on top, me on my belly that he came inside me. Oh dear, I hope he goes for another round .. Carlo was late but he would be here... Carlo arrived as Jhayel was just leaving, I could only introduced them to each other ...

Carlo received a text from Mark ... that he is at Pasay Rotoando meeting Paul 101. And so I welcomed them, from 2 to 4! But having just fucked by Jhayel I was content at being the photographer except for tiame of sucking Carlo and Paul.. that was so.. wow!

Mark may be a muscle daddy but he showed obedience to Carlo, and he bottomed for him. It was pretty hot seeing Carlo fuck him hard and all, i was mesmerized I only was able to take two pics.  Being the nicde host, I finished Paul 101 by sucking on his nipple while jacking off his cock...


  1. Hot as always. I miss you Kuya Bert!

  2. Hi bert...hiw can i join you and your group? Im from subic

  3. Bert how can i join you and ur group