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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Picked up on the streets

02 June 2008. When I was younger, in my 20s, which was about two decades ago - being picked up on the streets was at first a novelty then it was part of the alternative life style. I use to work up late and it was on those times that on my walk home that I got picked up. It was exciting, your heart pounds fast, so unsure of yourself. The times changed, and that the makati area I used to walk on my way home became risky, patrols and cops monitor the area. Its not the robbers or bad elements that you have to be careful off, its the police who would catch you in the name of moral decency. The internet came, and I cruise in cyberspace and consumate all that fucking and sucking in my pad.

Now, in a Latino country, I have become a Latino´s bitch - my guerrero. I have not written in this blog for more than two months. There was work, sex - and drugs! One time, I was drugged, only once - thus the absence of blog entries, I wanted to forget and move on. I have always been advised how dangerous this country is and I have experienced it first hand.

Last night, I had to work up late. By 930 pm, I was rushing home - afraid of going home although I was always re assured that my work and residential area is safe at night. I walk everyday to the office and back home, its around 45 minute walk, and the reason I got back in shape a little bit - back in my early 30s body, the one that I strut around in a bikini around the beach. I stood at a street corner waiting to cross the street, and I saw this Black, hot Latino looking back at me. Our eyes met, he looked away, into the street, then back at me, I was looking into him... Honk... Honk... reality checked in.. There are others cars and he had to driveaway ... it was a one way street, he coudl not just turn back... unlike back home in the Philippines, I cannot wait on that street corner. Not safe, I continued my walk home.

One street corner down, turn left. Walk again, main street, busy corner. Then as I turned on my left, there he was staring at me!! He started talking, I was excited. I was scared. He is handsome, gorgeous, my knees became weak. The very little spanish I know flew out of my head. I was stuttering, its been five months here, I know sufficient spanish to get laid but words elude me. He just motioned forward and drove on. I saw his car crossed, speed on.. and parked.

I crossed one step at a time. My mind was debating, I was caught up in a moment. But I was also scared, what if this might be another set up - everyone cautions me about how dangerous these Venezolanos are, how I have been already victimized once and could not go to the police or any authorities. Should I? It would be more prudent to just walked on by. And there I was standing beside his car, and he went out of the car, offering his hand. Chit chat, grasping whatever spanish I could say.

"Donde vives?" - this is what I understand from all those spanish.. the magic phrase


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