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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nunca en mi vida ...

Never in my life ... have I experienced someone like Jose Luis. He is young, mid 20s, slim, and very handsome. We met on the internet, which is a safe way to meet like minded individuals. The internet offers discreetness that one's real boring life of daily clerical work, day to day living, povides some excitement.

What makes Jose Luis so different? The Latinos, the venezolanos I have encountered are attractive, have not failed to make me hard and horny. Well, they are all endowed, gifted with their third leg ... and his so far is the biggest of them all. I met Jose Luis in McDonalds El Rosal. It is usually best to meet someone in a public place, a common ground. His smile got me, but inside I was hesitant, a bit sad and afraid - I thought I was lucky to meet someone in the flesh someone so young and charming. I had doubts if he would want to have sex with me, to go to bed with me ... but he flashed a smile, a very warm smile. I may not end up with him but at least I had some time getting to know him.

Jose Luis was very not only handsome, he was a good dresser. His clothes are fine and I felt shabby compared to him. But he was nice, and despite the language barrier, we tried to talk to one another ... and my heart skipped a beat. He is willing to go to bed with me, he wants to try my expertise.

We walked from McDonalds to my pad. I was thanking the Gods for their mercy, I could not believe my luck! Jose Luis smells so good. He looks good, smells good, definitely slim ... I did not want to hope much but I was already happy. Being with him was already a delight to begin with. He is tanned, his skin is golden brown, I know I would kiss his skin slowly, lick his body, his cock, his balls, taking my own time. I was going ahead on what I hope to happen, on what I would do.

I have to take it slow. I do not want to scare him, he has to be relaxed. I do not want that smile to disappear. Its a good thing I live alone, thus it was easy to invite him in. I showed him the sala, offered some drinks, then told him I have some porno, hot man to man action that we can watch in my bedroom. He smiled, I hugged him, felt his warm, smooth body and guided him to the bedroom. Its a studio type so there is no door to open or lock from the sala, just a divider wall. I have it prepared, a DVD of male porn is already in isnerted in the player. The condom on the bedside table drawer and the lubricant.

We both lie down, watching as two guys were doing it. I hold his hand, he looked at me and that innocent, disarming smile. He let me hold his hand... while his other hand was on his crotch, a bulging one. I think he was getting hard. I moved my hand to his leg, touching him, petting his leg. I lied on my side, one hand holding him, the other hand, slowly sensing his body. I was touching him, sensually, slowly.

I got to place my hand on his other hand, on top of his bulge. His cock was definitely hard, and big! I moved his hand away, he did not stop me. I opened up his zipper, and pulled out his dick. Oh my - yes he was big!! He is uncut, that is a given, but he was so hard, his foreskin was pulled to the max, he seemed cut.. I simply without speaking kissed his little head. I licked the precum at the mouth. I looked at him, he was smiling from ear to ear, no protest, enjoying my warm and moist mouth. I continued my sucking his dick. I tried my best to gag on his manhood. It was not easy to take him, but I also felt his hand guiding my head.


  1. hi bert,
    keep it up, i enjoyed watching your pics. guess you have a great sex life. hahaha

  2. hi there...

    you know, with this particular blog of your bert...

    it seems like you really enjoyed jose luis that very moment...

    i wonder how jose luis look like... ???

  3. dam that is hell of a dick...pls sen me his #.....i wan to huk him up/////

  4. if u guys are interested, addme up at

  5. i think im fallin' for c-mon. tama ba yon? what do i need to know about him? help me bert.

  6. nice one bert! more fucking tho..

  7. Still want you to know me...married, good cock, love to fuck and being sucked till the end...write me to

  8. Did you and Jose Luis have anal sex? Would lobe to read about it.

  9. Yes, I had anal sex... but it was so... good but also it was messy, nothing solid waste or like but I sort of was liquid mess... which made me think of the title as never in my life - never did had so much mess on my beddings!!

    And yes it did not stop us ... he fucked me twice...

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  11. Please let us read the juicy details of the "main act".

  12. bert, a question, doesn't it bother you that these guys are not cut?

  13. Not being cut - so far, I do not notice the difference once they are fully erect, they do need all the skin for their erection. However, there are those that even though fully erect, one then realize they are uncut....

    I guess I did not mind because I have been lucky that no cock yet have any smell or white dirt or something.