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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My first black, and boy!!! He is big

I have been warned several times of how to be extra careful here in Caracas. Somehow hard to be believed that I am usually home by 8 pm and in the last two months that I have been here, I can count in my hand, the times I went home late - all work related! Practically, it was a sex life that is a complete turnaround. The internet is my haven, my only social life, and blessed me with a new friend. I met JV and he was so nice.

This reminds me of tips that was frequently asked of me. In getting men, there are factors that are spell success: internet access, mobile phone, pictures, and a place. Best if you have internet connection at home so you can surf and be contacted privately. A mobile phone for communication, giving out directions, best it be prepaid so one's privacy can still be protected. Without need to say, landlines are not good to give out, let us face it, there are stalkers! Pictures are good, afterall they are somehow re assuring. A place, better is having your own pad or room. Plus factor in seducing? Porno! Men are very visual. Thus it is the same for JV. He is bisexual and all, so when he walked into my bedroom ... and I played a male porno firm. His attention was fixed ... it was easier to touch him, have his pants down, his cock out... and my mouth on his manhood.


  1. He is a beautiful boy and nicely hairy. The best, though, is seeing his cock between your lips.

  2. My cock is more beautiful, you won`t regret. Write to (Pedro Martínez)...

  3. i cant imagine it just like ur sucking a charcoal...hehehe joke.

  4. joseph

    hello guys..
    i'm looking for love..

    chat tau...

    eto id ko..


    something fishy noh..
    wag kau alala di ako ganun..