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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Scissor...

Thursday, 12 March 2009. Carlo36 is a lifesaver! As mentioned in the preceeding post, he agreed to drop by my place for a full threesome. Now, a position that I noticed is that similar to the V (both legs in the air, resting on the shoulder, the legs would simulate a V. This is pretty basic and a variation would be the top to hold both of the legs to open them wider), is that only one leg would be resting on the guys shoulder while the the other leg is stretch on the bed or on the sides, instead of a victory V, think of the of the scissors wide open.

This position is something I took more notice here in Caracas, basically I have a matrimonial bed here while I only have a single bed in the Philippines, it requires space. I find the scissors to be more intimate, it sorts of reaches deeper inside me, but.. as in BUT I do find it strenuous for the legs, it requires a certain agility, otherwise, after the cock leaves my ass, I feel the strain on my legs and not on my buttocks.


  1. I`d like to try next week with Carlos and Cogie...let me know. Pedro

  2. awesome mate - wld love to see videos too if u ever felt like filming :)

  3. Hi BB
    can i play with you guys

  4. dang you know what i love those feet, they are (besides the moaning,ahhh and oohhhs) one way of showing whether a guy is about to come... damn sexy! thank u for doing whole body shots.

  5. good day.. how come it is only now that you have tried that position, bb...i have been doing it eversince jejeje... it really is good, same with the other positions i have tried...

  6. Hi... can i know cogie's cell number?

    im sextriper_xxx_20 in pr.... you can send to me his number thru this email add...


  7. Cogie is based here in caracas, venezuela.

    Hmmmm...+584141122244 goodluck to be able to contact him ....

    at your service