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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super Fast Quickie ...

Thursday, March 12 2009. I have set up Cogie and Ric38. I have mentioned that Ric38 is a tall person gifted with his cock. My first time with him, it was a bit fast for me. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and had him for a topsy turvy threesome on a saturday, well, he lasted longer since he was not only top but he was forced into submitting himself as a bottom. So, for the third time, Cogie was not disappointed with his endowment, he was likewise taken with the size... and like my first time, it was a quickie and he had to rush off. Cogie commented it was too fast, I do not blame him, I was there ... so as host, what do I do?

It was simple, I aspire for satisfaction - and I called up Carlo36, who was more than willing to drop by after his work. In the meantime, Cogie and I kept the bed warm until Carlo36 arrived. Carlo36 cock is big but not as big as Ric38, and that would seem fairly obvious comparing both pics, using the ass of Cogie as reference. Cogie had more fun I guess considering the various positions they undertook. I find the "scissors" tp be the most difficult, I think of it as a stest of agility, the ability to stretch the legs, and thus open the ass wider for a deeper fuck.


  1. can you explain the scissors

  2. Hi Bert
    I realy enjoy your Blog and your photo posted.i hope there be more action will come soon. by the way im from Taiwan and just call me Ozzy. i was born in Manila 1/2 chinese and Filipino.
    time to time i have to chick your blog if thier any new. keep on going
    chao: Ozzy

  3. Bert,

    I decided to check out your blog.

    Kasi parang the last time, hindi ka na active, nag-anonymous nga pala ako kasi, I also blog at medyo mainstream na ang aking blog hehehe, though minsan pasaway din ako sa blog ko. Mostly love, personal and issues ang topic ko.

    Pag may nang-aaway sa iyo, sabihin mo lang. Take care ka dyan.

    Dami ng nangyari sa akin, lagi pa rin sumusubok ng serious relationship..basta bitter sweet ang buhay ko, pero wala akong regrets.. I think I won't regret a thing. Sipa lang sipa.

    I was 25 ng first na nagkita tayo, hehehe ang I'm turning 28 this year. So much have changed. Ang guess what last Dec ko lang i did try n magpa-bot, ala lang sa casual stranger pa, out of loneliness. So far I am surviving, di ako natuloy mag-abroad. I prefer to saty here for now. So many boys, so little time hehehe. Joke lang, ang behave ko po, sobra.

    I hope this finds you well, pero from the looks of it, I know you are fine.

    Regards kay Hugo Chavez..

    Mwahhh! Mwahhh!!

  4. Wow! nice pics.. and hot dicks.... sarap...

    Keep posting.....


  5. ciaobello bert!

    when are you coming home? =P

  6. Hi Bert,
    Just to say I tried out the scissors position and WOW!!!! You are right, it does give deeper penetration and such a great new feeling sensation. I usually just go for the V position, but after the scissors....never again!! You're right about it hurting on the thigh, but well worth the inconvenience for the GREAT result.

  7. i love cogie's but boy ricks got a thick cock...sarap