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Monday, April 6, 2009

a reward for hard work

06 April 2008. Hey, I am Ok! I am still alive! Thank you for the private messages, email, text - inquiring if I am alright after my scary sunday surprise. Sexually, I want more. Physically, I could still lose some weight and then I would remember Rasco and how he loves chubby or gorditos. I have just been so busy with work, a new boss comes with a lot of changes, and unfortunately the adjustment also comes more work load. Oh well.... and so I had not have sex (I will try to sneak in more time to update - thanks to dear fuck buddies or friends with benefits, I was still able to have some practice with my kama sutra skills) since last week´s sunday.... and the weekend almost gone, no time to surf and search, I thought I would have a week dry spell. I was in the office, sunday afternoon, with my new boss on a nearby table... then someone called, talking to me in spanish. He said he is married and so, and immediately I remember him to be that married guy who had a nice body and big cock ... and thus limited time to escape his wife! He was asking where I am and when I would be free.... how do I escape sunday work?

Goody, I am still blessed. My bossie said she is tired and would go home but I need not accompany her, I can stay and continue to work. Duhhh, and what miss a chance to suck a cock and get a good fuck? I have been good, obedient, employee - I was sick of the last week´s routine. I replied that I have emailed the work home, copied it on a usb drive and would continue home and go with her. Ok, she said... and once I arrived home, I texted Frankie, he was still in the vicinity and would come....

Oh yes, his baggage is big, it was definitely promising. I was so hungry for cock that I pounced on it, putting it on my mouth even without taking his underwear off. It was a delight to have a dick in my mouth again, it was double delight that it was a big cock, a challenge for my mouth.


  1. Hi Bert
    Nice to heard you back. i hope you have a great time work with your new boss. im fine in Taiwan and economy is gething better.lots of Tourist from China visiting Taipei.You got a nices Photo you take there and i can fill you realy have a great time with that guy and always remember in our mind always have a safe sex and also always have a insting in your self toward friends that you invite to your flat.Anyway have to go for now.


  2. Hi Bert
    im glade your back and hope you have a wounderful working day with your new boss. Im fine in Taiwan and im not so bussy at my work so far this week and im haveing 4days off and also economy in Taiwan is getting better and lots of Tourist came from China. they need more education thier noisy , no manner in the restuarants.Anyway as long they gave us the reavenew to the hotel its fine. alway take care your self and good insting inviteing friends to your flat.
    ill wait to your next story.


  3. Hi Bert,

    Great to read your adventures again. It was a long quiet spell from you, but now it sounds like you are back in action again! Keep 'em cuming!!

  4. i think your facial hair makes your oral pics sexier.

    do you give out pics privately in the email showing your face while sucking and/or getting fucked?

    i'm thinking that would be really, really HOT!!!



  5. No, sorry i do not give out pics of myself sucking or getting fuck.

  6. nice stories you have i hope you can also feature mein ne of your stories from andrew118065@yahoo.comm!!!
    hope for your immediate response thank you!!

  7. hi, i am glad i was able to stumble upon your blog. i missed you in guys4men, you don't know me personally of course but i have always been a fan of yours and i even subscribed yo your yahoo group before. anyway,more power and take care!