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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Embarrasing Wednesday

Like I said, life has its ups and downs. I thought of myself lucky to have another sex eyeball planned last Wednesday - a white daddy bear! I had to wait for him outside my building, its no use to go up around 6 flight of stairs up and down - the elevator is down again, afterall, what do you expect of a 30 year old building? Venezuela is one of the most expensive cities, so imports are not easy nor spare parts for cars or elevators.

Actually, Leon has no picture on his profile. I have no idea on what he looks life - I am a gambler in that way. So there I was, sitting in front of a liquor store, eating macaroons and drinking coke light - waiting and looking at the passersby. He was late, he informed me - not surprised for I already noted the traffic.

He arrived, dressed in a pale mint green long sleeve shirt. He is white and with a beer belly, that makes him the daddy type. But there was that hunger in him, I sense that, I like that. Have I mentioned I am a bit psychic, we are all psychic, but I am more of an empath, a sensitive, and the best sex usually I have are with those who are equally horny, full of libido - thus, paid sex does not work well for me.

True enough, we are still in the kitchen area, we were already kissing, gropping each other! I had to stop him, and guide him to my bedroom. There we continued. He is big enough, and easy to handle - after Jose and Gustav, he is simply manageable.

Oh yeah, he was hungry and I was responding to the hunger. Lust was consuming both of us. I was on bed, on my back and he was feeding his cock, he was tweaking my nipples. It was heaven. I had to place a condom and have him inside my ass. It was divine, a good fit, hurt a little, a delightful pain from the big head of his cock. But he was very creative, he would direct me to twist and turn, having my legs one way, on the side, bent, and more, he was stretching my legs, trying to fuck me deeper and all. I guess, it could go on and on. He stopped, second phase - my sex toys, he asked for a dildo.

The black dildo! I have a white dildo, dont remember where i placed it. I have a black dildo not because I like black -- but n case it becomes messy because of its size, well, it would be a little bit more discreet. I was on my fours and he tried to fuck me with it - it was ok, I was gasping for breath. Then, i just felt something on my legs.. like tears, brown tears on my legs. I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom. I took time on the throne and then took a shower, only to come back with him fully dressed... damn, embarrasing! I asked if he wants to stay longer, he said he had to go... ooops.. he said some other time, yeah right.. i do not blame him, i felt more embarassed - i had eyeballs that ended in nothing, but not sex that he did not even finished or cum, more so to get this mess....

Well, life has its own lemons.


  1. alibasa.benedict@gmail.comMay 2, 2010 at 5:21 PM

    Naku, I feel so sorry for you. But I cant blame you...shit happens...literally hehehe

  2. I guess I should not have three big cocks in a row, three nights ... to allow my ass to heal back to its elasticity... so there would be no drips....

    Anyway, life is a cycle.. bad sex... then great sex... at least, i still have sex... although love eludes me