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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Surprisingly young...

Thursday, 13 may 2010. I had been resting for two days so far, yesterday and today because of a bad stomach, its my periodic diarrhea! Being on a house arrest does not do me good, I spend the day watching tv, reading, surfing - getting restless. Perhaps against my better judgement, I decided to see someone. His profile says he is 21, no mobile phone but he called me up.

I was there in Metro Chacao, waited for almost an hour and decided to go home, enough people watching, not to mention my stomach was acting up again. I know it was a bit frustrating but I believe that I would have a good karma anyway. But I was not home enough when he called me again, saying he was there waiting for me. Duhhhh, but then they do not have a good sense of time. Oh well, why not give it a shot? So I went back and tried again, looking here and there, this time i was getting a bit angry at myself, stupid for being conned twice. I mean, if he is not going to show up, what does he get from this? I said, one last round up, and made another tour of the meeting place only to find him there... young, he could not be in his 20s yet, a twink but a more defined V shape body.

It was dinner time, and I am hungry. I decided to bring him to Sambil - and being the mature one, tried to ask him any food preference. He throws back the question, hmmmm, being very polite or he does not have any idea as well, trying to bluff it out. I decided to have japanese food from bonsai sushi. Venezolanos are suppose to love japanese food but its his first time, and he does not even know how to use chopsticks or palitos as they call it. He really is sweet and young and tries to speak english as well, unfortunately, half way through the meal, i felt a churning on my stomach! From there on, it was simply yes ... si... and come tu comida (eat your food). I was rushing him, as I need to rush to the comforts of my own place.


  1. Great pictures - whatta smile!! Can't wait for the next post!!!

  2. nice.. where's his dick pics??

  3. yeah, give us pics... my ass is starving of pics

  4. Hmmmm... ok will ask, the next time. When I slept with him the first time, I simply want do it and get it over with. I mean, I cannot hope of something more with someone to young, and yet, if I do not get in his pants, the more that he would have less self respect, i mean, I sense the self doubt, the wavering confidence. Yeah, it was sort of pity sex or sympathy in a way - thus, that after it, I placed my long hair to come out with a "ponytail stump". Pretty good turn off, and what I thought a sure way to make it the first and last meet....

    I took the pictures after the sex, because he was saying how he feels ugly and unwanted - when he is not, if he was just a bit older, I would not feel such a cradle snatcher... so with his comment, I took out my camera and took some pictures to boost his ego. However, as I was making this post - that is when I realized I like him, he is such a puppy. And hopefully.. despite my "top ponytail", he would come back.