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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mi Maestro Jorge .... My Master Jorge

Friday, 30 April 2010. After last wednesday´s embarassment, I definitely took last night as a night of rest. But, today I was hoping to have something after work. It would be nice to go out, movies or dinner, but that is a little bit intimate and I am not sure with whom I should go out. Then Master Jorge sent a message online: Me gusta conocerte (I want to know you).

Nice! Excited, I immediately replied yes and showed him my private pics. He only has one pic, a black and white photo of his cock in his hand. The cock pictures was impressive in terms of length, which he said to be 19 cm uncut. BUT, the cock was supported by his hand ... normally, I do not take pictures of cocks with the support of a hand, for two reasons: 1-the hand would provide a reference in terms of length and size, and sometimes the mind would not perceive its size as such 2-a hand support means the dick is not hard enough to stand on its own, which can be justified because its too big or too long, still, its a bit of minus if there is not enough blood to sustain the hard on, right?

His reply:ya veo en las fotos que te gusta mamar . pero te veo solo con penes pequeños podrás con este guevote que yo tengo ? (I see in these photos that you like to suck. But I only seee you with small penises can you handle a cock like what I have?"

What the fuck!?!! Arrogant!! He may be thirty and well endowed, but I was speechless for a while with his message. I have my own ego, afterall, I have experience. I simply replied that I like to suck, only to make it hard enough to sit and be fucked with it. And then I gave him the link to this blog.

He message back: i see u enjoy 2 share your sex adventures online ... that's hot ! but i`m not shure if i want 2 be exposed in your blog ! He knows english! Although it sounds like the english used in texting... is he a latino, or another Filipino wanting to catch my secret identity? Should I be paranoid? Should I go for another fish, another latino to have sex with tonight. I informed him in english my basic principles in my blog - I take pictures with consent and I do not write everything, unless it is really worthy to write and remember by. But I thanked him how glad I am to be able to exchange in English since it has been a while, and how I even ended up giving them a massage. Somehow, that lured him, he replied as:

ok. sounds nice. i`ll let u massage me then. i`ve been suffering of stress lately. but be carefull, if u turns me on again i`ll take u for the second time. i know u will enjoy it anyway, bitch !

u can call me sir, master, my lord... as long as u show always respect for me. You should be gratefull `cause i`m sharing my big cock with u so please me well ! after the speechless cruising, once we were together having fun, i`ll talk 2 u giving some instructions. i`ll do it in spanish so u can learn my language while u`re pleasing me. as my bitch it`s the less u can do... learn spanish 4 me 2 understand and please. if i say something that u don`t understand, please let me know... and i`ll spank u for that !

we can meet around 6 pm. i will be nice in chacao, so i prefer we meet near of my office (and your home). maybe in the c.c. that connects el sambil with the fco. de miranda avenue in chacao? CENTRO EMPRESARIAL CHACAO i think it`s the name. I`ve always have fantasies about cruising in this place. details of encounter, we can define them by cell phone. i got your number... now i just need your ass. you`re already mine, bitch. i own u and i`ll only use u for my own pleasure !

My god!! He want to be my Master.. a role playing, with him the dominant one. Thoughts of me wearing a leather collar, chained came into mind. Fetishes! Reminds me of Leon who spanks me. Sidebar, can anyone tell me about spanking? How come my ass is usually spanked!! There are times I almost could not tolerate it. Anyway, I love the role playing, to be the submissive, to be his slave, for him to use my mouth and my ass the way he pleases. Yes, I would be his bitch.

Now, i have something to look forward after work ... work that extended until 8pm!!! By then, Master Jorge said he is no longer sure. What a roller coaster ride. I was so full of hope, and so as I walk home, I sent a text message that I am already walking home. Perhaps, a quickie? Just to probe to him that I can take his cock in my mouth, and I do need a dick in on my lips! He said maybe ... and so, I went home, cook rice and heated my dinner... resigned to simply jack off the night away.

Then, he texted that he can pass by a little, he would just finish his dinner. Ok, I said I would go down and wait for him near the bakery. I was looking at each passer by, waiting for a big, black guy, 30s since he has a big long cock, that is how i envision him. Texting but apprehensive that he saw me and did not like me... and yet, there is this thin, slightly taller than me, mid 20s standing on the side, giving me the eye. I smiled but I was still waiting for my master. Then he beckoned, well, if my master would not be coming, at least I have a young latino, my luck!!

"my battery is dead" Huh, its him!! My god! My mental picture was totally wrong! I got excited. I kept my wits, I remember his fantasy, so I noded and led the way to my apartment. He followed.

No words, until we arrived at my apartment. In the kitchen, he looked at me, chest out, strutting his groin and beckoned. I knelt and opened his pants, boxers!!! I had to fondle and fish for the eel inside - true enough, he has a long dick slightly bent downwards. That cock can be a deadly weapon, it went straight to my mouth, and I was able to take him all in - gagging me, with his hand holding my head, I had to push him for some air!! The cock was a good fit to my throat, It was something that goes so right into my mouth.

We stopped, I said "bedroom, master'"


My head was looking down, bowing to show subservience. I was still fully clothed, afraid to be presumptious to take my clothes off. I was there to please him, it is my happiness to provide pleasure. I dare not smile, but I was ecstatic with glee - he is more than I hope for. He is smooth and looks very exotic - he has very deep sete eyes, a sharp nose, he does not appear to be the typical venezolano and I dared ask him if he is a Venezolano. "Yes, I am, but I am mixed." He told me about his grandparents being italian, spanish, aruban or trinidad... point is, he really have mixed blood heritage making him more attractive than usual.

Inside my room, he took off his clothes and jumped into my bed. It was such a sight! He does not look like to be in his 30s, his cock was definitely standing, twitching by his own. I was hungry for it, but --- I have to ask, can I take a picture? Please - I want to be his sex slave! He is one I would love to share to others, even just in pictures. He said yes, obviously, and he was the one who took most of the pictures - even with his dick in my ass!!!

Words are not enough to describe the way he fucked me! I was on my back, and he slowly inserted himself and hugged my body, forcing it on his tool. I exist for his pleasure, and yet, I find myself amazed to have such a new experience, such that I think this is one of my longest posting, and yet it is not enough to describe how much I enjoyed his fuck. Oh yes, the morning after, the aura of sex was so much, my libido was so high, I had to jack off myself.

We did it standing. I sat on him. I did it spread eagled. I did it sort of missionary style, with both of us hugging to each other. He would say things in spanish, no... sorry, i was lost in pleasure to try to understand what he said or even try to remember it. I was simply his bitch, his sex slave, I am his.

He left almost midnight... he came around thrice. He said he was suppose to go to an ex girlfriend´s party but now he is tired to go and that his battery is dead, he would just go home. Sweet dream, I said. After the massage, I guess he would sleep well. He thinks I would sleep well too.. oh yeah, I slept so well, I slept late! And so inspired to write this down.. and post the pictures.

I am glad to be his bitch... now, i wait to serve my lord again....


  1. Great photo essay. I like the full body shots of penetration. I'm not into spanking, but your round ass cheeks tempt even me.

  2. Thank you... I am hoping to serve my Lord Jorge again in the next week. He already approved the story and the photos, it was him who took most of the shots and it was him who said to post them in black and white. But i think there are 2 photos that does not look good when converted to black and white so i did not post them.

    It was great... actually, after we showered, he dressed up and read to go, just an embrace to say goodbye and we started fondling and did it for the third time.. which is why, he came three times that night.

    The second time was after i gave him a massage, and I could not help suck him again. I mean, he was lying on his stomach but his cock was so long that it was extended... anyway, next time would try to get a pic of how it look like...

  3. a real meat lollypop