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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alaska boy Grown up!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010. Been exchanging messages with a 20 yr old, based on his profile that has no pic. I did not put much into it, for if I remember correctly, I had exchanged messages with him before - just presumed he backed out, simply for the reason that he is young and simply experimenting and thus got cold feet.

He seemed impatient with his text messages, most probably bored in their summer brak and now just looking for something to do. He texted he had to do something and would just advise me later upon his arrival ... and so when he texted that he is downstairs, I find it very surprising. And more surprising when I saw his face, his body - 20? I sincerely doubt it. The image that I have in front of me is the curly haired blondie Alaska Boy, except he is in the flesh and with brown hair! How old could he really be? I dare not lay even a finger on him.....

I asked him what year he was born, he was looking directly in my eyes. 1991 he said. Then, I also remembered he drove a car to get here which is why he was concerned about a parking space, and assuming they do not cheat on driver´s licenses, he must be at least of the legal age of 18. And he took the matters in his own hand, sort of, he took my hand and placed it on his crotch, oh my god.. there is hard on already there and it was very promising.

Well, following one of the dictates of justification and reason leaving my head. Yes, we proceeded to have sex. Wait, I asked if I can have a picture of his cock, so pinkish, so big, and it will be inside me. He was hesitant and so I showed other pics in my camera. He asked if the Moreno in the pictures are Carlos36, and I said no (they are of Hecmar and Jose C9). Carlos36 was there, so I asked him to join us, or at least give him a taste. Perhaps, he would come back for a threesome.

He is definitely not a virgin, he knows. Also, the cliche of doubt "Te gusta?" (You like it'". And of course, the cliche answer of "Si" (yes), afterall it was the truth, I was enjoying it.

It was a delight to suck that cock from the tip of its clans to his balls. It was so hard and so pinkish. I was afraid that I would be sucking him to cum prematurely, he was dripping pre cum a lot. He asked me "coger" (fuck) and I took out the Durex condom, the one that has a bigger size for him. The Trust condom I have would be of no good, it would just rupture. I put a pillow under my buttocks, lie on my back, and raised my legs in the air. I want to see his face, his angelic face, we were looking at each others eye, when I am now squinting from the pleasure pain of his penis. It was a delight to feel him full inside me.I enjoyed the moments, and soon, he asked for another position, he wanted me on fours.. "cuatro". He then inserted himself, no resistance, he fills in my hole. He was fucking me in and out and I was enjoying every inch of him.. then i felt him shake, and grunt... he came.

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