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Friday, May 14, 2010

Longest workday - Monday!

Monday, 10 May 2010. Also known as the election day. By chance, we need to prepare and submit our reports that day. Having Wixon sleep beside me was very comforting - and then the phone rang! Oh my God! I was suppose to wake up around 330 am since the company car would pick me up by 4:05 so we could be in the office to start our job and meet the deadlines! My boss is calling me, I must have overslept and I am the one missing at work... I was in a state of panic. Then I noted the time - 3 am!! No wonder I did not wake up the alarm, the alarm had not sounded yet! Damn my boss! Oh well, I had a good fuck with Wixon, this must be the karma...

It was so early but then I thought, earlier we started, earlier we finished and I could go to a sauna in the afternoon. Relax and have some fun, I was looking forward to that. Sleepy and tired, she did not let us go until 730 pm!!! But my Lord Jorge already texted me, he said he would be available around 8 and if i could find another bitch for him! I already replied that I am not sure to find someone on a short notice - I do not want to make promises, but I got word from Carlos Castle that he would be free by 9 pm. An ace I kept to myself.

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