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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Webcam Sex with Wixon!!

Sunday, 09 May 2010. I had been pure for the past two days - no sex last friday or saturday. I did not fish really or seek out meat since Wixon had already texted that he wants an overnight sex with me. And today is the day, he would go to my house around 5 pm until morning.... then I had work so stayed until 545 pm and when I was about to leave, it was raining! It was frustrating, I was afraid it would not push through. I have known Wixon for more than a year and we have sex occasionally, and I have already posted my story with him before. He has one of those big, fat, curve dicks. And I like his body, his legs, his weight, his solid mass alone makes me tingle with excitement when he is on top of me - so I would not miss this opportunity! I would never cancel a chance with him so I canceled possible hook ups with Murdoc and Jose Colombiano who said he has another top. No, Wixon by his cock alone would already fuck me full.


  1. the pics doesnt show. could u show more pics of wixon? he's hot

  2. Thank you so much for this comment, I did not know that the pics no longer show. I am not a tech person so I am currently at a lost on how to re post, I already tried editing and re publishing the entry but the pic still did not show.

    For more pics, maybe you can google search my yahoogroup bertbaltazar where i would post the pics
    or visit my mirror site

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