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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Second Time Failure!!!

Monday, 03 May 2010. Just finished eating dinner - fried it myself from a freshly opened can of Maling (luncheon meat made in China). Nothing really planned, just catching up on work and did a little shopping. I recieved a text message asking me when I would like to have sex with him, or rather a threesome with him and a friend, and he said they are 19 and 17! Oh great, how do I get out of this? Simply agree and postpone it to another day. Then, I proceeded to get my occasional massage (been with him for more than a year... nothing more). Yeah, boring monday...

Then Jose the Colombian texted me, he was asking me where I was and that he has someone. Oh well, the day is not over yet, I might still get lucky. The friend, Marcos, is handsome, latino, nice body, a hard one, oh I was excited, it would be so nice to have him inside me! It turns out, he is not exactly a venezolano by blood, but by circumstance. His father is from Brazil and his mother is German, huh? He explained that it was some sort of an adventure.

It was exciting to see Marcos and Jose get undressed, I love the body of Marcos. Jose went to clean himself, and I ended up mouth to mouth with Marcos. It was so nice, and he allowed me to take pics - just no face. What is the failure...

Jose brought someone who seems not aroused. I mean, I kissed and sucked and all but it was not that exactly that hard. Marcos' member became erect but not enough to fuck me. Jose tried to be the director, telling us what to do - I just kept my silence... how can Marcos fucked me with such an erection that is lacking? True enough, Marcos himself stopped trying. To make do with the situation, I changed position to suck Marcos, and we ended up in a 69 position, with him on top, and I see Jose's cock slowly enter his ass, and see it moved. Oh yes, it was exciting to see the cock in motion, the same one that has fucked me a lot in the past, and I was thinking I would be next.

Second time failure - Jose had brought someone before that did not get aroused, so is this one. Second time failure, disappointment, I came from the kissing and nipple sucking of Marcos, but Jose did not fuck me! Yeah, I came but still pissed off, and so I just took more pictures. I even got a 15 second video of them fucking, the same way that Jose used to fuck me. Then, I left them and watch tv. Bitin!! (lacking!)

Anyway, as they left, I gave a calling card to Marcos, he might not be endowed or function that well - but he is a bottom I can share with other tops or activos that I know. Marcos, he is still welcome! Any suggestion on how I can post their 15 second fuck?

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  1. convert to 3gp and then post in this blog would be great