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Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday TREATS - Episode 3 DYLSON !!!!

Thursday, 9 December 2010. Surprises really on a thursday! I was already infuriated with Borg since he arrived past 830, and I was expecting him since 7pm. That is why, when Hokage sent his shotgun message, I responded. Well, Borg still arrived despite being so late. Hokage arrived but not in time for a threesome with Borg. While I was to have my dinner, Dylson sent a txt! I have his pics in my yahoogroup - damn his six pack abdomen. He is my eternal dream - an experience forever etched in my mind.

He warned me not to text him anything "sexual" as his family might check his mobile and be able to read it. Huh? So how does one invite him in? I texted back, well, considering your physical training, feel free anytime to drop by so I can give you a massage, to relax your soar muscles.

"Really? can I drop by now?"


And so, as soon as Hokage was leaving my pad, there was Dylson on the terrace coming in. Dylson joked why did my friend have to leave on his account - I said he needs to go home early. But true to my word, I gave dylson a massage, since it was a delight to rub his body, his bulging arms, his hard legs ... and when he turned over, i love doing the extra ... i went down on his cock without reservation. It would be the last cock for the day and yet the biggest of them all, the most delicious! I have featured Dylson years ago, met him I think in 2005, even have a video of him being sucked on a chair... hmmm... i should look for that. In the meantime, my last treat of the night was that fat dick coming in and out of my mouth, till he came!


  1. Hi Bert,
    Can i join your yahoo group?

  2. hi bert,

    can i join your yahoo group? thanks.

  3. antaba ng tite :) sarap chunky body

  4. why should Bert get all the good stuff ??? NO FAIR !!!

    Would really love to have him in my mouth too!!!