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Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday TREATS - Episode 2

Thursday, 9 December 2010. Hokage sent a shotgun text - I described it as a shotgun since the text was not simply sent to me but to a lot of people - "CNO MLAPIT D ESPANYA MANILA WANNA MIT"

I am in Pasay, Libertad but since I have unlimited sun txt I decided to send a reply. (Yes, I am lazier in terms of replying to other networks since that would mean charges and I have a limited income. I do answer all internet messages in my facebook and my email. ) I replied "Pasay Libertad ako, sayang hindi ka pwede dito"

He replied , I can go there. I texted back, I can wait for you.

Sure enough he went on his way. I was hoping he would arrive while Borg was there, unfortunately he arrive on my dinner time. I am pretty sure that Hokage and Borg crossed paths on the streets. I asked Ting to entertain him while I ate dinner and have a little time with my mother.

Coming back to the pad, sure enough he was already horny from the porn and young. I wasted no time in kissing and having sex with him - yeah, forgot the pictures! We kissed, suck, 69, and then lubed his dick, I took it in dog style, victory, until he came on my chest .... that is where the fiery passion ended, and I remembered my souvenir photos so.. these pics are his cum on my chest, and just a solo of him on my bed.

Lesson? be nice to open txt and you might get to open your legs.

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