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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Morning sex anyone?

16th of December 2010. I remember that morning, how can I forgot to be wakened up because someone wants a booty call? I know and I do pride myself of being Mr. Congeniality, Mr Friendship, that I jokingly considered myself like a convinience store, a 7-11 store open to anyone. Well, that morning, Luke finally caught me in my pad, and yeah, we did have sex but I also have slap his back, hit his side - I am definitely not a morning person!

Luke have been txting and messaging me that being married, he does not have any time, no excuse for an afteroon, evening, or weekend getaway. He said he is only available in the morning and that he had even visited my pad before but I have either left or did not wake up to his knocks on my door. This time, he took my mobile number, and I forgot to place it on silent mode - so I got awakened this time, opened the door, and there he was, all smiles, in an office attire, like a child in a candy store. Whereas, I still want to sleep more, not minding to be late, I just want my sleep!

In a way, one can say it was flattering, the times he had visited and attempted to catch me in my place. Also, one can look at it as ... sort of like stalking. Although I do not felt, it was a thought. So, I di did not refuse and welcomed him to my pad, to my bed ... I still want a little shut eye. My mouth and ass were on automatic sex mode but my eyes are closed not from being delirious of sex but simply sleepy.

You know what .. he placed his hands on my eyes and forced it open!!

Damn!! And that is where I simply hit him, I know it was not painful ... but I have never intentionally hurt anyone, much less a slap on the ass. That jolted me up. Likewise, that jolted me out of the sex. I find that rude, now a lesson learned, never to have sex like that again, that would be the last time.

Lesson? Please do not forced open anyone's eyes open. I find it rude.

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