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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Depressing work ...

I would not claim that I am workaholic but it seems work dominates my life, then my mother and my brother's family, and then sex! I get stressed and I consider sex, shopping and snacks (food actually) to be good anti stress. But I do not have a food blog or shopping blog, I have this blog. Reviewing it, I would be delayed in my updates because of work.

But even though, I am not so lucky in work, I am very grateful that I still have work. And that in between the work stresses there are some people who are still very much interested to spice up my life, so make the burden a bit lighter.

I remember three guys during that period: M, Freaky, and guessboy - not their real nicks on Planet Romeo. And I have no pictures of them likewise, I just did not get to that point. That time, I also received a lot of queries if I always take pictures, sometimes I do not, its not prerequisite, but it sure is fun to have a little souvenir, a little something to remind me.

I remember M, I think it was a weekend and he came from work. He was unsure of himself, considering himself to be medium sized, not as big or gifted as the other guest I have blogged here. But, still it was good, more than I expected, because he was truly hard, and that is something I always stress - size is good, size is great, but hardness is the best!

Freaky came from Buendia and works as tech support, I did not expect him to come. But he came and it was a good time. He admit to one short fall, he came fast, but he got hard again and fuck me for a good time till he cum for the second time. Then, he help me cum, nibbling and doing nipple play - that was very considerate of him, likewise, I am waiting for the second time. Actually, he was suppose to come again last sunday but I gotten pre-occupied with shopping that I forgot to text him.

Guessboy was also suppose to come back last sunday and actually I did apologize to him since we did not have the chance to do so. I had errands and I got lost in doing that chore and then wandered off shopping. Guessboy had an unexpected threesome when the first time we met, he was lucky tht Drevil was also available and his visit coincided with him. Drevil texted that he was coming in with a friend, but the friend was "maarte", and he got turned off with the airs so he just came in alone. I did not mind having them since Ting was with me and thus I feel safe, ready to chancde it again. Ting is a professional masseur, the only one I dare to recommend now since I have known him for over a decade. You can check him out at

Do you know that Christmas is considered a depressing season? I think I read it somewhere that a lot of suicides happen during these period, for amidst the laughter and happiness, the opposite also exist. It is also at this period, that being home, the more I miss my father that have passed away last year. Oh, somehow my last Venezuelan christmas made me forget - with all those Latino cocks fucking my ass last december 2009, I had not time to feel depressed or sad or even miss my father, there were just moments. Now, here, just eating at Jollibee with those damn christmas songs is enough to make me teary eyed. That makes me wonder, with these sadness, would I be entertaining more pinoy cocks also this christmas? Let them cum!

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