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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cybersex via YM

Well, I am open to a lot of things. And I met this Tony over in PR and then we got to know each other more via YM. He is an expat who wish to have some time with me this Christmas - we got to talk and he got to chat on what he plans to do. Need I say, I was touching myself? He gave a very vivid description of his intended action. I find it hot, so copied and pasted here - hope the reader would learn something from his technique ...

Bert: i want you because i find you physically attractive
Tony: awww
Bert: and you are shaved... meaning i can dive, and dive
Tony: well, the pics were shaved because the photographer told me to
Bert: suck and suck without any hair being a nuisance in my mouth
Tony: right now I am trimmed
Tony: I keep the hair as short as I can cut it
Tony: but I still shave my chest and armpits
Bert: ok.. dont worry i have shavers here
Tony: you wanna shave me???
Tony: hahahaha
Bert: depends..
Tony: on what?
Bert: ei.. i think i would end up sucking you several times
Bert: so the hair should be manageable
Bert: some people think a profuse pubic hair is attractive.. duhhhh
Tony: to be perfectly honest, I cum too fast with sucking
Tony: nah, I dont like bushy pubes
Bert: as long as i can suck you for a second hard on...
Tony: also, very few guys I met actually arouse me when they suck
Bert: i dont mind a fast first as long as there is a second one.. else.. i dress up and get ready for another one
Tony: oh my sessions will have two to three rounds
Tony: I even had one session with four rounds in 2 hours
Tony: my sessions require at least 2 hours
Bert: sana matuloy
Tony: foreplay alone will take at least 20-25 minutes
Tony: round one is fast at 10-15 minutes of actual thrusting
Tony: then cuddling comes next for about 20 minute
Tony: mins
Tony: I love to cuddle and have my btm in my arms
Bert: game... i love that
Tony: for me, I want to show appreciation for my btm and I can do it by making him feel protected
Tony: then round two comes and this can take long
Tony: about 25-30 minutes of thrusting
Tony: dunno why it's like that but it takes me very long for round two
Bert: my ass muscles are quivering from expectation
Tony: then after round two, comes more cuddling and nice conversations
Tony: then round three comes
Bert: what shall we talk about
Tony: life
Tony: philosophies
Tony: things we like doing in our spare time
Tony: you see, for me, great sex is about connection
Tony: the physical side is great but the mental connection is even better
Tony: I begin with lots of kissing
Tony: and I can easily tell if you like me or not from the way you kiss
Bert: just that the way you talk.. its like you have no responsibilities
Tony: oh, I do
Tony: but when I have fun, I give my all
Bert: and i am here to recieve everything you want to give
Tony: anyway, I like to undress you while our lips are locked
Tony: then from there, I want to do shower fun
Bert: hmmm.. what i have button flies?
Tony: soaping you up and then sliding my soapy body against yours
Bert: shower fun? sayang.. walang shower dito.. tabo lang
Tony: doesn't matter
Tony: as long as we can slide our slippery bodies against each other
Tony: also, it allows me to clean your ass thoroughly
Tony: as I want to rim only a clean ass
Tony: after shower, comes the main event of foreplay
Bert: ok..
Tony: from kissing, it progresses to licking your neck and your ears
Tony: and heading southward to lick your nipples
Tony: if you can handle it, I like to gently nibble them
Tony: then from there, it's down to cock sucking
Tony: and further south to the rim
Tony: once your ass is loosened by the rimming, I begin the TSA
Tony: the TSA begins then with a well lubed finger
Tony: anyway, TSA begins with a well lubed finger
Bert: and i think i have mentioned it.. i dont like fingers
Tony: well, wait and hear me out first
Bert: never did.. would always rather have the cock in
Tony: I am not going to finger you
Tony: the way those others have
Bert: i will wait.. and see
Tony: prostate massage is not the same as fingering
Tony: what happens is that the finger goes in
Tony: and massages your g-spot
Tony: your prostate
Tony: I use circular motions to massage your g-spot
Tony: my finger is not going in and out
Bert: oh ok
Tony: that's the wrong way
Tony: once inside, it's staying inside
Tony: I am using techniques from tantric massage from the Indians
Tony: once inside, I also loosen up the sphincter muscles
Tony: the part that brings pain is the outer ring
Tony: this needs to be relaxed and my goal is to let your ass muscles learn to trust me
Tony: I have to earn their trust so that it will be painless
Tony: after a while of massaging your g-spot, I do phase two which is the blowjob
Tony: and immediately right after, my left hand plays with your nipples
Tony: so you will experience three sensual sensations at the same time
Tony: your whole body is involved in the arousal, not merely your genitals
Bert: damn.....
Tony: how does it sound so far?
Bert: very good...
Tony: so you see the first 30 minutes has no penetration yet
Bert: telling myself not to hope too much
Tony: what most men consider a whole fuck session, I have not even penetrated yet
Tony: for me, I want my bottom to be very aroused so that when it is time for him to welcome me inside, he is all ready
Tony: I know then that he will want me
Tony: there will be no more resistance
Tony: after the TSA, I tell my bottom to make me hard
Tony: so it's his turn to prep me
Tony: I want him to kiss me, suck my cock and nipples...actually more nips
Tony: then once I am hard and ready, I tell him to rubber me up and lube me
Tony: I am aroused if I see my bottom doing this....
Tony: especially placing the rubbers on me
Tony: then when I am ready, I have you lying on your back at the edge of the bed
Tony: legs in the air
Tony: spread apart with your ass cheeks ready to welcome me
Bert: you are most welcome
Tony: your eyes looking into mine
Bert: i close my eyes
Tony: as I slowly enter Bert
Tony: no, open them
Tony: I want you to be fully aware of the entry
Tony: and see me as I go in
Bert: which is why i close my eyes... only my sense of touch.. my ass receiving your cock
Tony: once I am inside, I stop moving for about 5 minutes
Bert: to open my eyes is to use my sense of touch and sense of sight...
Bert: i close my eyes to just simply feel....
Tony: Instead of moving, I keep still for about 5 minutes and lower myself to kiss you passionately
Tony: this is my most favorite part
Tony: being inside for 5 minutes with no movement
Tony: cock in ass, lips locked, hands clasped, your legs wrapped around my waist
Tony: two bodies become one unit
Tony: intimately connected, passionately joined
Tony: this also allows your ass to be fully acclimated to the sensation of fullness
Tony: and will get used to my being inside
Tony: instead of me moving, I will tell you to squeeze your ass muscles around my cock
Tony: use your Kegel muscles to wrap my cock
Tony: then after I can fully sense that there is no more pain, I begin the slow and deep thrusts
Bert: you are describing my modus operandi
Tony: yup
Tony: since I am a fast cummer for first round, I have to stop often and change positions
Tony: from missionary, I move to Spread Eagle
Tony: your legs spread apart, my hands holding your ankles
Tony: then I like doing the L
Tony: your right leg on my chest, left leg on the bed
Tony: the Knees On Head position
Tony: where I have leverage now to go deeper
Tony: also, I like the V position
Tony: me sitting, you on top and supporting yourself with your arms,our upper torsos defining the V
Tony: also I like the Standing Doggie
Tony: you leaning against a chair, my hands on your hips,
Tony: kissing your back
Bert: oh my god....
Tony: when I am ready to cum, I want to cum inside you with rbbers of course
Tony: I want to be inside you when I cum
Tony: so that you can feel my orgasm
Tony: if you are a fast cummer, it would even be nice if you cum first while I am still inside you
Tony: the sensation of having a cock inside you while you cum intensifies the orgasm
Tony: and it also squeezes my cock, giving me a fulfilling sensation
Tony: after we both are drained from this round, we have to rest
Tony: and cuddle
Tony: and talk
Tony: I want you to continue touching me and my body
Tony: making me hard again
Tony: so we can do round two
Tony: more positions
Tony: round two and three are more spontaneous
Tony: I am sharing this to you because I want to see if everything I expect is something you are open to doing
Tony: that way, if we do get to meet and do this, there are no surprises
Tony: you exactly know what's going to happen
Bert: no problem
Tony: ok
Bert: no problem


  1. Damn he's good!! And for the record, I was touching myself too!!

  2. david top or bottom,...dba tga cebu ka?im from bacolod...buttom chubs here..