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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Post Valentine sex

Wow!! I have 42 pics here of my having sex with Andy. So, thank you so much to my dear friend of 18 yrs - Paulo. he is the one behind the camera while I simply enjoy having sex with Andy.  Not much need for words since the pics would say it all.

Thanks to technology, its easy to surmiss the date the photos were taken. The photos are one on one but after this - group fun ensured... Paulo, Andy and the others... I already had my fill of sex by then so I remember staying more at the veranda, simply manning the door and having fun replying to text messages.

Valentine's day had pass and we are not among those who are to celebrate it with only a special someone, so minus well have fun with a lot others. It has been years since I had a lover or partner, I miss it occasionally - it moves me to keep a cleaner place, and invites would be welcomed instantly to a threesome since me and my partner already makes two.... oh well, wishful thinking.

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