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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FUCKED once.. twice... thrice !!! (part 1)

I always received a PR message that goes something like " invite ka, punta ako, txt me 0999 999 8888", other permutations would simply  "text me when there is an orgy, my number 0999 999 888". I try to simply smile about these messages and hold back replying my Mr Universal idiot question " Why should I invite you?". I mean, really now... I do not know you, never met you, and you want me to simply text you when there is a group fun? I do not even know when the next group fun would really be! But when I receive these idiotic or Bilib sa sarili messages, then I can hope that I would be blessed with an encounter, I simply have to wait and believe.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 - received a text from Ber that he would be dropping by 9pm. I thought he might be the one but I shall rejoice if and when he arrives. He is simply one of those I categorize as No show,  simply promises, text with no action. So when Andy texted looking for fun, I told them the possibility but not counting on it, best he looked for someone else. True enough, before evening, Ber texted his regrets that something came up and he would not be able to cum. Not frustrated, just a sigh, was not expecting him really. Andy found someone else - but it rained and all! Guess what, he brought a bottom, chunky looking.. who immediately covered his nose when i opened the door, for after me run 4 kittens. It turns out, he is allergic to cats, he did not even get to pass the door. See.... frustrating.

Jaypee also sent a text but not really expecting him, he is a planner - plans but lacks the conviction of execution. Surprisingly, despite the rain, he made it to my place just as Andy and his friend had left. Ok, Jaypee wants a massage - so I texted up Meller who came immediately to service him. I went down to Mother's house and have my dinner ... i guess, i at least would have Jaypee's cock in my mouth. He only pays for the legitimate massage, I provide the sex!

I do not know how Andy got to have Robbin, most likely from PR likewise. Robbin came from a concert at MOA Arena. I just said yes, Go! AND it is Robbin who got fucked once by me.. and then twice as Jaypee sampled him, and thrice as Andy entered him! Robbin is such a delight such that in a threesome position, he was being fucked by Andy on his back that I sat on his cock. It was good....

Pictures were taken by me or when i am in the pic - they were taken by Jaypee.  It was so much free wheeling that we had tried various combinations and positions. Will post the rest of the picture set in the next blog posts.

I am a bottom but at times I have the urge to be top and I usually have to take the first "bite" so to speak. I am not well endowed, small is the size of my dick, which gives me the first fuck. In group bang, the bottom should be fucked according to size - from small to large. Thus, after me, it was Jaypee and Andy the last. This I try to follow and it allows the bottom to be prepared to a bigger cock, and it does not stretch the anus for the not so well endowed. Size is a relative issue so it is rarely discussed but I get to control the order of fucking by being the one who place the condom on the cock, obviously - condom is placed on your dick, you are the next top!.

Yes... the last pic is me fucking Robbin. He was moaning and obviously enjoying having a cock at his ass and mouth.

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