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Sunday, August 17, 2014

full moon sex .. crazy moments

9 August 2014, Saturday. Its almost 10 days since I got to suck and fuck with Junior. I do get messages asking for an orgy or group fun but how can i promise one when I do not know when friends would be available? Likewise, I see no reason to get myself stressed out inviting friends for someone I have not met or do not know. So yes, I do have a week or so with out having sex with other guys except my hand or with my gadgets ( i have even named them accordingly)

Chubby Carl is a text mate .. had declined to meet him twice and he likewise had done so. One instance, he asked me via text "are you a good sucker?" What a question, and I am of the view that a stupid question deserves a stupid answer. I immediately texted him back "no, i am not a good sucker. my apologies, perhaps its best you look for someone else. bye". This he remembered which I already had forgotten, he reminded me as i accompanied him to taft avernue for a taxi on sunday morning.

The other time was when I though he was willing for a one on one and when we were setting the details, he replied that he is excited to meet my friends and be gang banged! Huh? What? I have not met him, do not know his actual body and personality and yet i am suppose to invite my friends and fuck his ass? Oh, I likewise declined.. this I have etched on my mind.

Chubby Carl continued to text me and i continued to reply back. He said he wants me to be his friend and would like to meet me, to just know me. So i agreed and set up a merienda with him 5pm at Northpark.. yeah, as expected : he did not show up nor even gave me notice that he would not show up! In my mind.. he stamped as MORON!

He txted me if I was free .. i sent a reply Yes, want to fuck with me? I only had an hour or two sleep. I was not exactly thinking. Chubby Carl got excited and called up.. oh my.. I remember and since i do not like to talk to him, i gave the mobile to Janus. They talked and I did not bother to listen. JANUS! He did not know the full story so he agreed to meet Carl, who was then at recto and turned back to Pasay!

Do I need to elaborate? Oh well... surprsingly he is a chub but not that fat and handsome! So yes we had crazy sex, i was all over him.. i was so hungry.. good thing that Janus was there who fucked his ass while i suck his cock and all! Janus left as soon as he got his release, but I continued on sucking and fucking with Carl....

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