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Monday, April 30, 2012

Eleventh hour

I was positive that I would still meet someone and be able to have something new to post, someone new that would be worth writing and blogging about. Thus, eleventh hour ... I thought I would have no one, nothing to write. But Hotmarkie decided to drop by ... and I took the risk.

He is the proverbial tall, dark and handsome.. and SLIM.  Some would not like that but I have a slight preference for them, I guess opposite attracts. I know, some might say I am a chub and yet those chub lovers would not consider me a chub worthy to be chased. So I simply have to diet a little, exercise by walking and taking the stairs and all.

So there was Hottiemark, slim and dark. I have to stress on the slim for some take that as a physical representation that a person is not healthy.

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  1. Grabe ang sasarap ng mga photos mo Bert... more pa please... like ko yung photo na sinusubo mo tapos nakabuka sila kitang-kita ang bayag... more power!!!

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