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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shave it! SHAVE IT!

I have no pics from this threesome, but it was my last group sex of March 2012. Rod sent a text that he wants to visit and take his friend with him... ohhh hmmmm. Since, the following week would already be holy week, people are are leaving the city. Since my mood is still good, I replied YES. After all, I think I know Rod way back in the early 90s, so we have known each other for around 15 years at least. I still remember the night I went to his place for an overnight and I sort of "escaped" immediately to Pasay from Cavite. The sex was good, such that I rarely say No to him. He has a good sized cock and knows how to fuck my ass, except that at times, I would wish for more, but the fuck session can be said to satisfy my sexual hunger.

That time, Rod said he would bring a friend. Since I trust him, I said yes. I remember sucking his cock and that of his friend. I do not mind sucking, I love sucking cock - but I do not know anyone who would love hair in his mouth, one simply has to spit it out and its a big turnoff! So this is my unsolicited advice to everyone, please shave your bush! Shave it! It makes for a better suck anyway. But that did not totally negate the sex, it was more of his friend that he brought with him.

His friend is a "daddy type" meaning he was big and with a pot belly. I guess it has been sometime since he had sex, after sucking his cock, he placed me on my fours and he positioned himself at my ass. I felt his cock on top of my ass, he used it to paddle my ass cheeks, he dry hump me. I allowed him, waiting for the time to place a condom on it and have it inside my ass.... instead, he was not able to hold it, I guess seeing his cock on top of my ass was too much.. he came on my back... i felt the warmth of it, i know the wetness, the smell was dinstinct - he did came and splattered on my back!

He asked for a napkin to wipe it off, but that would be no good. I stood up and went to the bath room, I have no choice but to take a bath, I have to wash off the cum. And that was the end of it. And taking a bath marks the end of the sex. The friend likewise cleaned up, dressed and left me and Rod. With that, I opted to simply wash my dishes, and Rod jacked himself off....

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  1. hmmm it did happened to me once too, the guy was just dry humping when it suddenly felt warm