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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Bus Ride

My aunt died last February in the States, thus her body would be flown back here. She would be buried in Laguna. It took around 3 weeks before she finally was flown back. She was my Tita Ninang, the eldest sister of my Mom. Funny, I was crying on the mobile when they told me of the news. My Mom asked why I was crying and I told her why, she became a bit catatonic, she was eating this bread that seemed to stay there in the mouth. I admit to being 45, and my Mom is 70. Being the doting son, I accompanied her to Laguna but I opted to go home by bus alone.

I know I should not think about meeting someone on the bus, but its a nice fantasy, that can end in reality. I remember how a friend of more than 16 years met someone on the bus on his bus trip to Batangas, to join us in Puerto Galera. The guy, his name is Mike, a Leo, said that they had something which made the guy decide to join him up to Puerto Galera. I tried to mimick it once, but with my ex lover Pepoy (Boyfriend number 2), he allowed me to suck him inside a Metro bus, and he managed to cum as the bus comes in to Ayala from the north direction. I did not swallow, I "spit" the cum into a white handkerchief. Why think about it? If you can visualize it, it can happen. Visualization, wishful thinking ... believe and who knows?

So there I was, looking at the people inside the bus. Hey, its not full, I look at the guys seated with a vacant adjusted seat ... no ... no .. hmmm.. no... Oh well, who knows, I ended up seating around 3 rows to the back. I was watchful of new bus passengers... no .. no! ... NO... please dont seat beside me.. wow.. close.. ey... hey!!!... Hmmmm. There is this moreno, he is dark, tall, slim looking, and young, a certain level of animal magnetism. He came in alone with a backpack and a fighting cock cage. Ok, ok.. I was seated on the right side, two seater on my side, the left side has three seas on their column... I look at him, locking my eyes. He saw my gaze, but he continued on.. he sat on the row behind me, that three seater, placing his bag on his left and the cage on the right... right.. body language, he wants to be alone.. but.. I kept looking a him.. and I allowed myself be caught watching him...

I am under time pressure here! It seems fortunate the bus left with not being full, and the way it goes, there would be no more passengers.. just us. So, I sat on my side, looking back from time to time.. ei, he seems to be nodding.. is that a nod, saying I can move beside him? I cannot show a smile, that would be obvious, but i was already jumping inside. Still - hey, the fighting cock cage is on his right side. it would be a gamble, am old, graying hair, eye wrinkles and all... No.. best to keep stealing glances.. should be content fantasizing...

Uh? He stood up, I inched to my right, he can seat to my left... please.. he just moved to the same row I am seated. On his left, he place the cage, and on his laft, his backpack, his right side seat is now open. Is he sleepy or is he nodding me to move? Oh well, the hell with caution. Blank face, I moved to his side, my own things on my lap. I looked at him, some friends would say he is exotic, all I see and smell is a young man... and am the old discreet gay, trying to score.

I no longer could help myself, I may still end up going home alone.. but seating beside him was a victory for me. No, I did not suck him in the bus, I was prim and proper, I simply caressed his knee under our bags. I invited him for dinneer at waltermart, ate at Reyes barbecue.. then I said, can I show my persian pussies, I mean my cats? He said yes, and there in my pad, as soon as I closed the door in my bedroom, I hugged and knelt! He was already hard, anticipating and excited. No time t be naked, he said he needs to be back to his master, his employer. So I suck, and suck till he came. After he came, he was still hard, that is when I took my camera got my pictures! Yeah.. you think of it, you visualize it, believe in it.. it shall happen! Then, we are all winners!

NOTE: Searched my photos and I realized that I do not really have any for February and for March, so I still have three sets before I can post my April stories. I just have no photos of my February but I did have sex, I can only surmiss that my February sex are more of my fuck buddies, repeat sex, no one new or interesting. So, let me plan, for March - I have this, an adventure that started in a bus trip from Laguna to Makati. Then, what remains is some after sex shots of my masseur, and two masseurs! The last post for March would be that of around 2 decade fuck buddy of mine, but this one, I have no new pics to post.