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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Young Masseur

I got to know Nate last October 2011, more or less. He was good, he was honest and massaged for a good 2 hours. It is for that reason that I sought his services repeatedly. I avoid having sex with good masseurs since they are hard to come by, masseurs for sex are just basically good for one night. But I am just human and Nate has his own appeal, he is quite fair and smooth, but he has this distinctive tattoo on his body. It was relatively easy to hold myself since I do have other playmates. And Nate is not exactly tall or big, although he claims to be in his early 20s he could easily be considered as a twink. No need to ask how he ended up being a masseur - there are too many of them siblings and thus he was only able to finish high school.
That night, I had scheduled a sexual tryst with Mackey, allotting two hours, from 10 to 12 midnight and then 2 hour massage with Nate from Midnight to 2 am. Mackey has a good cock, it was nice sex, however, it was such that instead of satiating my hunger, I could only yearn for more, so good, so addicting you simply want more. I thought Nate's massage would ease me and all. My body got relax but there was still this need.
Mackey was late and thus Nate arrived when Mackey had his orgasm. Mackey wanted a second round, he was hard an all
Nate was massaging my head, and I tested the waters. I move my hand, to hold his wrist.
"Please? Sorry, just wanted more."
Silence. No response.
"I have been a client for a long time. Just once?"
Silence. I move my hand to his crotch. No objection.
Surprisingly, there was a growing erection. Oh, the wonder of youth, he could not suppress his excitement. Desire is arousing him, my desire for his manflesh, rather, his boyflesh.. he was young, he was beautiful. It was easy to think of his youth before and therefore resist temtpation, but now, looking and touching such youth, the more I feel inflamed.
Quietly, I got him to take his clothes off. Gone then is his shirt and shorts, down to his underwear, his bulge is definitely hard. There is nothing more exciting than a stiff cock, I pulled his briefs and slowly, enticingly placed it inside my mouth. I was slow and hesitant, he migh back out.
It was a groan of pleasure. He like my mouth. Soon my tongue was moving over his head, feeling the length of his shaft. I move my tongue over his balls, licking it lightly with care. I put all my years of cock sucking at work, i want him to enjoy it, i want him to remember it, and in that I find my own enjoyment.
It was too much, and soon, he was trying to push my head away.. he was about to cum.. I moved, only in time to see his cum erupt..
(Note: the spa wherein Nate work when I met him had closed shop, it seems intrigue among the owners. He moved to another spa this year, which closed this April because one of the handlers mishandled the money. His last massage was last 12 April 2012. He now has a lover who promised to give him seed money for a business.... oh well....)


  1. Would you be so kind to share his number with the rest of the society who's also yearning for a good massage with a happy ending?

    You can email me his information at

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    Para sa mga nakakalibog na kwento, salamat po!

  3. bert, please don't reduce the picture sizes, it looks too small when viewed in a browser on PC. thanks.

    1. Yes Bert please sana mas malaki yung mga photos... grabe lagi ako nagjajakol sa mga photos mo ... sana mas malalaki sila

  4. Update: He found a sponsor and he is now operating his own spa/massage. Please check it out