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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Something magickal ...

Tuesday, 06 September 2011. That was the day I meet Ichigo. I got to chat with him yesterday afternoon and he got excited with the pics and then my blog. I guess there is some sort of OCD with him, for after the PR messages, there was really the text messages. I had two other friends inquiring last night, I was not really up to it so I decline both of them but I kept my options open with him. Why, there was something, I guess he is new.

And now, its already Wednesday morning and I should be in the office but I overslept from last night. I know I was tired but after the sex, I felt like a completely drained battery, i remember still being hungry even after eating dinner and so! Do remember, he was only one guy!! Now, its around 11, the morning after, and I am finding myself still sming, still excited that I am making this write up for this blog post although I have two other sexpereience waiting to be posted. Is it just sex or something more?

Well, I had breakfast at my Mom's house as usual. On my way back to my pad, as I walkclimb the sairs,I was thinking of Ichigo. What an experience! We had a small talk before and after the intimaacy ( I do not want to call it sex, what is wrong with me?). I smiled as I see a txt message from him and bewildered as I read the message -

is the numerical wasy of saying
"i love you"
But what if i ask you
which means
"do you love me too?"
Would you answer me

Simply a forwarded message? Whatever, I find myself laughing by myself, smiling from ear to ear. Its nice. Its fun! Its a glorious feeling. Its like one of those damn Glee kids ffalling inand out of their hormones. Rare that I would feel this way, so I simply relish the fleeing while it lasts. This one day of absence I would relish forever.


  1. wow bert, sarap ni ichigo. kitang enjoy na enjoy ka.

  2. he looks so calm and enjoy each moment being with you.. hmmm iba n ata yan bert..

  3. yes... I did admit I was excited with his text and I regret replying back a stupid honest text - what is 312?

    My sister in law was also smiling and commented that I am afraid of commitment. Its not easy to commit oneself, for as happy and fulfilling it is, your heart risk every moment for the possibility of a heartbreak.

    Here I am, hoping, praying he would txt again and that there was really something ... I have to admit..I like him! I lilly do.

    A friend joke that perhaps he is just looking for a place to stay... hmp.. ouch.. but.. quesohoda... if he like to live in with me.. sige na nga.. why not? ay buhay.. paang life... mid life crisis mode pa rin

  4. ha ha ha mukhang enjoy na enjoy ka sa jan ke ichigo ah--- anyway judging from the pictures mukhang makinis naman--- minsan naman magpost ka nung me face pics para makita naman namin he he he---ngayon lang kita nakita na tsumupa ulit eh ha ha ha--k cge enjoy mo lang ung feeling while it lasts--ingatz

  5. yeah, he is real hot at nag enjoy ka Bert. Jigz here from Bahrain. galing, i like the way he pushed your head to his hottie realm. shit, kakainggit, ikaw na ang palaging basa, samantalang ako dito sa gitnang silangan, daig pa ang disyerto, pucha, not fair.