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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What plan?

Saturday, 10 September 2011. Smitten, I got inspired to go back to the gym. I tried this machine that is like hiking and I spent wednesday till friday massaging my legs with efficascent oil! Anyway, I don't mind, I was hoping for something, waiting - that was the plan. Likewise, to share the blessing, Paulo wanted to drop by and have a little fun. Who is paulo? He is my best friend forever BFF aside from Ting for around 15 years I guess. I think his angelfire site is still up - so I know it would not be difficult to find sex partners for him.

So, the plan was 4pm. I invited Lam and Jayson whose pictures are in August, and both did not show up! Tauro did show up and Paulo was grateful for inviting him. I also invited Tomador aka Caloy, Febrile, and Paulnbo. So that was five of them - just them, I did not join, I was outside doing the door duty since Ting is happy being a lolo. His niece gave birth and he took care of his niece and grandson, to be named Elijah Uriel. So, sorry no pictures here of that sex. Afterall, its their sex and not mine. I do not like setting up orgies but for Paulo, a friend for around 15 years? I would go to all that trouble just for him. And to those who I have not met and then they have the audacity to tell me to invite people for group sex - just go somewhere else. Likewise the same to those who wants to come and just be audience, please!!! These are the moments the bitch in me comes out.

Anybody new? That would had been Keith. I find him to be a cutie, a blog reader and gave me his facebook account and we had been exchanging messages. As I always say, I prefer to meet people first before introducing them to other friends for group sex - which as someone was smart enough to recognize is the screening process. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication and my level of irritability, I simply withdraw my invitation to Keith. I asked to meet him and if he is ok, he would experience that group sex that same afternoon with Paulo and others. But he blew it - he texted me to invite others so he can experience group sex! Who the fuck does he think he is? That is why I withdraw my invitation. Its his lost not mine. But he still asks by txt that he be invited ... someday perhaps he would be here in my pad, but not now. My opinion of him is quite low, and I frankly replied, I do not want to have sex with him.

So... what leaves me? And who the fuck then is Oto? the on on this pics? Well, with plans gone astray. Like the sex party extending, I was not able to go to my gym. And I think three days of waiting for something from Ichigo is enough - the compulsive me felt pity to this masseur. He was very irritating actually, so many txt messages, and his pr profile pictures are not appealing, sure - he seems endowed but not sexy, or inspiring. I decided to meet him at Jollibee where Paulo treated me and Tauro for that afternoon of sex, I want to sermon him and give him a lecture. Instead, I felt compassion for him. I still dont find him sexy - so the impulsive me decided just then to get a massage, to just help him. He seems to be in dire need of money for his six year old son.

That charitable impulse gave me a surprise! In my bed, he actually knows how to massage! And wow! The stretching he gave my body was great! No regrets here. And I got to know him more, he is 28 yo with a 6 yr old son, and the mother was not legally 18 yet when she got pregnant by his seed. Oto would likewise be leaving for middle east in 3 months time to work as a therapist. In the meantime, he needs to earn thus his incessant txting so people would try him out! His massage was worth it -inclusive of the pity and compassion. Ronald for me is still the best, PHp400 for two hours of relaxing massage (pr account is ronald258).

I had no plans of sex so even when he had finished his massage... nothing.... nada. But with nothing else to do, I allowed him to stay as he watched porn movies and I saw his cock raise out from his briefs! I know he boasted on his pr account of his size, but seeing a long hard cock ... now that makes my libido rise.

Damn! I would be paying for sex... of well, I would just think of it as charity for his son, and i did relish sucking and getting fuck by his cock, and so i took out the camera for picture taking. Oh, and before i forgot, I have this caller, nathan, who called me up while Oto and I where having sex. Oto was nice to have sex over the phone with Nathan while I actually suck him, lick his balls! Nathan kept calling that night and until the next day!


  1. May I have the contact number of your recommended masseur Ronald?

  2. can a have Oto's number?

  3. Can I have Oto's number?

  4. People. I want to experience this kind of sex. I am 25 y.o. but have never been into wild sex like this. Can you teach me how to do this? Please. I am gentle.

  5. can you post this masseurs #? TY

  6. Oto can be reached at 0928 410 6687.

  7. sali nman ako jan!!!!