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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Right of refusal

Thursday, 13 January 2011. I reserve the right of refusal and everyone has the same right. After last night, a threesome and a fivesome, I am not up to any group sex today. Daddy John ask if he could drop by with a friend and I said yes. The guy seems to have a good shape body but I was not up to it, I guess I was still tired and reserving myself for Albert. The same guy I had sex last thursday, I love repeat sex!

So, Daddy John arrived with his friend, and there is that familiarity but feeling not up to it, I just lead them to the room and left them. I wanted to upload and update my blog. What is the moral of the night? I have the right of refusal, my choice, my decision. There are those that text me that I have not met, and would like to go to my place and have sex, bring some playmates too - when I am not in the mood, I simply respond that they check in a motel. Which is true, this is my pad - its my call, my decision for others to have sex here for if I allow it, I do intend to join, and if I change my mind for one reason or another, its my right, my call. Anyway, I presumed they have fun. I allowed it since I like Daddy John and I do know him in comparison to those who text that I have never met nor had time on a one on one basis.

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  1. yeah you're definitely right bert, there are days that we found ourselves better alone ---pagbigyan na lang natin sarili natin sa ganun---- come to think of it --mas marami namang happier days na dumarating and will continue to come---stay happy!!!!