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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a young dad ...

Tuesday, 11january2011 - My cyberlove texted me a good night and asked if I had sex. I said good night. He repeats his question, I simply replied "no orgy tonight". Then, another text, how about one on one - busted! I sent a smiley, and said, yeah, I had a young daddy.

Lets call him MarkYD as he left a mark. Oh do not get me wrong, he has potential, the sex was good but it was not spectacular. Off hand, Tony with his TSA brings into mind - i passed out from the ecstasy of his sucking, ass fingering, and nipple twitching, it was like an orgy with one person. JimQ, the muscled six footer guy comes second - he was fucking, withdraws his cock only to suck my cock, then fucks me again. As I said, JimQ's technique of hugot saka tsupa, mygod, imagine the sensation behind and in front, alternating? The performance of JimQ is unforgettable, then one has to remember his physique. So what made my young daddy a mark in my heart - he talked to me, he asked questions, as he stated it "I do not came here just for the sex, I want to know you more. I am one who can just have sex with anyone, I want to know the person". I was slow in answering for he forced me to face reality, asking questions I do not want to think. He kissed me ... but I was on the guard. It is something to have my body, but to know my fears, my problems, my work? Hmmmm... scary, I felt vulnerable.

somehow... i felt more naked as I answer his questions, and then I saw his tenderness. I saw his manhood rise and become hard. He kissed me, nibble my nipples, playing his tongue on my body ... I was open to him. It was not the technique, I was not just a body for him, I was someone to share with, and that made the sex hot, he brought out passion between us.


  1. Bert, thanks for the post. I do miss our chats. Hope you are doing well. I am very pleased that finally, someone has managed to make you feel vulnerable and make you face your fears. I am hoping Mark will give you the happiness you deserve.

  2. You know my yahoo id, I would just be here. In the afternoon of 12 January (yesterday), it was so boring I was falling asleep on my table. I was just so glad to be able to chat with several people yesterday afternoon.

    We all deserve happiness, sad to say, it eludes some of us.

    What I do not get right now is why should you be happy to know that for a moment I felt vulnerable? I understand the point of being forced to face my fears, that I have to contend with reality. But vulnerability is never an easy feeling, I felt naked to the bone, bared down to my soul, it was scary, and I was silent unable to answer immediately which Mark took for me to being uncomfortable. He even asked me if I want him to leave.

    Happiness is a state of mind that should not be dependent on one person. I am smiling right now, because its as if he would make me happy and that this is it? Tony dearest, you made me happy, anyone can make me happy just by sharing their moments, their time with me. I am also happy with iceberg aka bert (a namesake, tukayo) who continues to chat with me.

    I am not exactly that social type in person, i guess its the insecurity of being labeled fat or chubby since childhood - likewise always being compared to my brother whom everyone describes as attractive and handsome! So, here I am perfectly comfortable here on the net.

  3. Bert, I did not mean anything malicious with my comment. Really, I just want you to be happy and you're right...happiness is elusive for some. I thought that you've been so giving to others (including myself) that you should also get something back in return. I do care for you my friend and I look forward to that day when you will be able to find someone who will make you feel secure. Take care....I miss our chats badly.