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Thursday, January 6, 2011

short and big

Thursday, 06 January 2011. I woke up ok, I was fine till I have breakfast in my mother's house. I take my breakfast, lunch, and dinner at my mother - to bond with her and to keep her company. My mother lives just a block away. And many have asked whyd o I have to have my own place and not stay with my mom - duhhh, would they dared visit me and have fun if I do not live solo? I do not deny that I am already 44, I am simply lucky genetically that I do not look my age and that I am still able to have some fun.

A usual comment about my place is that it is unkept, that I can spend some time organizing and cleaning it but then ... I have no more time since I am tired and between having fun and cleaning my place, would rather have some fun. But whatever mess my place is, its twice or thrice that in my mother's house. So there, my allergies would come back, so caleld biting me in the ass. With teary eyes and a clgged nose, I was not able to report to work. What shall I do aside from playing the computer and surfing?

The answer was have fun with albert ...

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