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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Tryout

Sunday, 16 January 2011. Sex is distressing for me, but sometimes work stress is too much that it disables me from blogging, not that I have nothing to blog about. Now, for this post - one would be exposed to Pinoy twinks. I am one not to judge people by age as I would not want to be judged by my age (but thanks to Olay and my genetics, my face have not yet matured, and so does my mind although I do have my senior moments). I had this guest that sunday, and trying to remember that afternoon, it would seem funny if someone was watching us. Arejhay arrived in the afternoon and he sat in this white stool while I was in the kitchen asking questions, I do not normally interview but I wanted to be sure that he is at least of legal age, meaning 18! So I asked about his family, which I do not bother to really remember, his age ... about his school and all ... then his birthday. True enough, he is consistent that he is already 19 going on 20 this year. Fine! Assured, I invited him to my bedroom.

Twinks or young ones - they are still experimenting or touting how that it is their first time, one is pressured to make it good... or the best sex they have at their young age. I sense his libido, his earning to have male sex. Actually, he is out of his house for a dance practice, wherein he escaped for some fun here! A good gauge is looking at their young nipples - which I took pics for you to appraise and note. There is a difference of a mature nipple to a young nipple, that at least is an age indicator.

I usually psyched myself for this, for then I do not expect my partner to have enough experience to make me feel ecstatic. The joy and happiness here is hearing their moans, those involuntary grunts as I licked their body, as I make butterfly caresses to make them twinge from such touch. I put their cock slowly in my mouth, taking time that they feel the wetness and warmth of my mouth.


  1. oh my, happy days are here again

  2. oh my, happy days are here again

  3. How do I fall in line to this experience?

  4. Hi Bert,

    I dont know if you still remember who introduced you to Ting. Its me. ;D im the person who first met with him and I think we even went out on a movie. I was so naive then. Im glad you're now good friends with Ting. Its been a while and it brings back some old experiences just when I was just starting my gay life! Cheers!