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Saturday, January 8, 2011

One of a kind on my first friday of 2011!

Friday, 07 January 2011. I have joked with John last wednesday that my last week of 2010 was spent celibate. I told him that it was like a year, and that this week is sort of payback time. There would always be some surprises, and one of them is Chet!

Being an insomniac and a net addict I am usually online, I am definitely not in front of the laptop but I leave my connection open. Consider this habit as sort of cyber fishing, afterall, most men surf and check who is online thus if you want to get noticed your profile should at least looked online. Chet was horny last wednesday but I declined since I just finished that group sex, I said most likely thursday. Thursday came, and there was albert, a short guy but a big dick, he made me cum while he was fucking me = so, being spent I declined Chet for the second time. Friday afternoon, he said he is going home early and that we can meet around 7, which became 9, and then around 11. I was thinking of cancelling it off ... really ... but I had a good dinner, and I have Ting and Felicidad as company so my mood was already better. A side story of the night would be on the comments section.

And so, on the third try, I finally met chet, who I expected to be shorter. His skin is smooth and all. I think he sensed that I was a bit tired and said that he would not take long, that it would be quick, remembering someone who finished even before I got to suck him .... a really fast one, I asked him "Should I take my clothes off?"

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