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Monday, January 10, 2011

3 daddies and a chub!

Monday 10 January 2011. Daddy John is getting a massage from Ting, but he would not be asking for extra service or anything like that - we had that earlier! And I mean WE - Kim is 22 now, a chub and yet a delight to the touch as he has smooth white skin, it was like velvety. Kim said he had visited my pad in 2007! As I write this, I got his txt message "just got home. Thanks ulit! :) hehehe. daddys. ho hot niyo. ang hot ni john. hahaha. goodnight! :)". This is what I aim for, a good time for everyone that one wishes to come back for more, a good time that one remembers even after several years!

Kim arrived early, and just texted earlier if I am free. I texted back yes and that Daddy John would be there, no problem. His arrival is unexpected. Actually what was planned was Drinker and Daddy John, the two have been exchanging messages in PR but never got to meet. He took a quick shower and then we were just necking and all, he was moaning from my tongue, we are both in our underwear. I cannot be naked since I was waiting for Daddy John. And when Daddy John arrive, it was easy .. there was chemistry, there was no reservations. I introduced Daddy John to Kim, saying he could be a son, 22 years ago, when he was 18. Kim is half my age, since I am 44.

Kim is a delight, he took on John, sucking his left nipples, switching to the left. Daddy John was wide eyed, amazed at the libido, I can only smile back and be happy. I love it when my instincts are good.

Drinker texted that he is downstairs, and I replied that he just go straight to the third floor, third door on the right, none of us can go down and meet him since we are naked. I opened the door, hiding behind the door. He is bald in his pictures, with a beard that makes him look like a villain, the bad boy that one would want to have some fun.


  1. It just gets better and better!! Any pics to post?

  2. Sorry to say, I do not have pics here. I trust my instinct when I can take pictures and when I cannot